Invest In Precious Metals

Protect Long-Term Wealth With Precious Metals

Safeguard your financial future with one of the simplest ways to diversify your portfolio – investing in precious metals. Precious metals have historically run on opposite tracks to stocks, currency, and paper-backed assets—offering you a buffer against political and economic risk. Most importantly, they’re tangible.
Gold IRA

Gold IRA

The traditional security of gold meets the modern features of an IRA, making it easy for investors to reduce the effects of inflation on their retirement savings. Coins and bars approved by the Internal Revenue Service can be taken home based on federal rules for withdrawal.
silver bars

Silver IRA

A silver IRA functions the same as a regular IRA, only instead of holding paper assets, it holds physical bullion coins or bars. Just like Gold IRAs, coins and bars approved by the IRS can be taken home for withdrawal.

Why Noble Gold?

Expertise with more than 20 years of dealing with precious metals like bullion, coins, ingots, and more.

We are regularly consulted by financial agents, estate planning attorneys, and certified public accountants to advise them on all aspects of precious metals, having secured more than $200 million in precious metal assets.

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Bringing precious metals right to your door

Gain peace of mind knowing your investment is safely stored at your own home. Noble Gold delivers precious metals to your doorstep.

Investing In Precious Metals In An IRA


The American Platinum Eagle is the official platinum bullion coin of the United States. The American Platinum Eagle is authorized by the United States Congress, and is backed by the United States Mint for weight and content.


The Royal Canadian Mint minted palladium maple leafs from 2005 to 2007, in 2009, and resumed minting in 2015. These coins are made of 99.95% pure palladium (.9995 quality), each one containing one troy ounce of pure palladium.


Noble Gold Investments has obtained some of the most sought after collectible coins, desired by investors across the globe. These rare coins aren’t just an investment, they are literal pieces of history with each coin carrying it’s own unique story.
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Investing In Precious Metals with Noble Gold

What you do today sets you up for the future. We’re here to guide you.

Open an account

Our account manager will help you fill out an application to get you started. Once you have your account set up, we will link you with a precious metals IRA custodian.


Sign transfer document

We do the heavy lifting by facilitating the transfer of funds for you. We work directly with your precious metals custodian to rollover assets from your 401(k) or IRA to your Noble Gold account.


Buy precious metals

We’ll ship your purchased coins or bars to the depository to help keep them insured, safe, and secure. Our team will send you proof once the process is complete.