Australian Silver Kangaroo Coin

This coin is one of the masterpieces that come from the forges of the Royal Australian Mint, Canberra. The reed-edged coin is one of the most sought coins in the precious metals market today and rightly so.

1kg Australian Silver Coin

Australian Silver Kangaroo History

This coin is one of the most popular coins that the Royal Australian Mint produces due to its limited annual production and because it is one of the few coins that is produced with a new design each year. In addition, the coin is not just for numismatic purposes as it is accepted as legal tender in Australia for any transaction. Since 1993 when it was first minted, the coin has consistently been of very high quality, composed of 99.9% pure silver. From the name of the coin, one can already guess that the coin has a weight of 1 kilo ounce, which stands as its only denomination, and this denomination has a face value of $1 (AUS). The coin exists in two main versions – the proof version and the frosted uncirculated version.

1kg Australian Silver Coin

Coin Design & Features

The design of the Australian Silver Kangaroo Coin is remarkably attractive. The obverse of the coin always bears an engraving of Queen Elizabeth II, as designed by Raphael Maklouf. The portrait was created by Ian Rank-Broadly. The reverse usually has different images of the Australian kangaroo for every mintage year. Australia is popular for being the only place on earth where kangaroos are found, so it is not surprising the coin is named the Australian Silver Kangaroo.

  • 1 kilogram
  • 1 ounce

Coin Specs & Features

All the coins in the series have an inscription reading “AUSTRALIAN KANGAROO” on top of the kangaroo image, while the mintage year, denomination, and purity level all fall beneath the image of the kangaroo. These factors make the Australian Silver Kangaroo coin the remarkable and popular coin that it is today, making it a nice bargain on the precious metals market and a worthy catch for numismatics.