Johnson Matthey 1 Kilo Gold Bar

The Johnson Matthey1-kilo gold bar is a highly reputable masterpiece, created from what was one of the world’s most reliable precious gold refineries. Johnson Matthey, and all their products, including the 1-kilo gold bar, are highly coveted among gold bullion investors worldwide.

1killo gold bar

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About the Johnson Matthey 1-Kilo Gold Bar

The 32-troy-ounce gold bar is pure gold, giving the bar a purity level of .9999. Although the bar may not be as sophisticated as some other gold bars in looks and features, its simplicity makes it a highly suitable choice for easy and safe selling. Its simplicity is evident as it only features the Johnson Matthey oval logo on the top of the obverse and “SLC,” short for Salt Lake City, on the bottom. Other useful information is cast into the bar, including the purity level, weight, and serial number, all neatly stamped into the obverse.

Highlights Of This 1 Kilo Gold Bar

1-kilo gold bars are typically in lightly circulated condition and guaranteed to be .999 fine gold and 100% authentic.  The Johnson Matthey 1 kilo gold bar is a cut above your typical gold bar, produced by one of the most reliable refineries in the world and boasting a massive purity level of .9999.

  • Contains 1-kilo (32.15 Troy oz) of .9999 pure gold.
  • Obverse features engravings of mint logo and identifying markers.
  • Reverse left blank on purpose or may include ripples from the cast-pouring technique.
  • No longer in production.
  • Includes assay card.
  • Eligible for Gold and Precious Metals IRAs.


1killo gold bar
  • Mint Mark N/A - Not Available
  • Purity .9999
  • Manufacturer Johnson Matthey
  • Thickness 12.7 mm
  • Dimensions 114.15 x 55.88 x 12.7 mm
  • Metal Weight 1 kg (32.15 Troy Ounces)
  • Condition Secondary Market
  • Edge Design Smooth
  • Series Johnson Matthey Gold

Johnson Matthey 1 Kilo Gold Bar Specs & Highlights

Cast bars are manufactured using a simple traditional method that only requires a few steps. A mold is created, and the melted gold is poured into it. The bars are left in the molds until cool enough to be removed and stamped with their distinguishable engravings. The natural pouring process causes no two bars to be identical and often causes abnormalities, marks, and scratches unique to each bar, giving them a natural gold appearance.

Johnson Matthey, a London-based company, originally started in 1817 as assayers that tested the purity level of precious metals. In no time, they quickly expanded and soon became the official assayers for the Bank of England before finally delving entirely into the precious metals manufacturing business.

Although they are no longer in the precious metals making business, the 200 years of excellence ensures their products are still exceptionally valuable in today’s precious metal market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still not sure if buying a 1 kilo gold bar is the right choice? Have questions about gold liquidity? Here are some of the common questions we get from our customers.

Even though Johnson Matthey was one of the world's most recognized precious metals refineries, the company was bought out by the Tokyo-based precious metals company Asahi Holdings in 2016. Unfortunately, since then, the Johnson Matthey 1-kilo gold bars are no longer manufactured.

An assay is a process of analyzing the purity of precious metals. This process helps ensure that a mint's coins or bars meet the correct purity level. When a bar’s description says “With Assay,” it’s an added level of security for the buyer, informing them their purchase has undergone the proper assay process and that it meets the standard level of quality.

Since the 1-kilo gold bar’s production ceased in 2016, and quantity is now limited, these bars come with a high market value. The current spot price of gold is approximately $1,660 per ounce. But because of the scarcity of the 1-kilo gold bars, these bars are worth, on the low end, $52,000.

Their small yet dense attributes make them a highly sought-after asset and represent a standard of excellence.

One of the defining features of the Johnson Matthey 1-kilo gold bars is their stamped serial numbers. Every Johnson Matthey 1-kilo gold bar has a stamped number on the bar's obverse. It’s easy for a professional to tell when a Johnson Matthey 1-kilo gold bar is counterfeit because the serial number box is either left blank or the serial number is laser-etched in instead of having been stamped in, the defining feature of an authentic Johnson Matthey 1-kilo gold bar.

Investing In Johnson Matthey 1-Kilo Gold Bars

If you’re looking to diversify your investment portfolio and build long-term growth, the Johnson Matthey 1-kilo gold bars are an excellent investment addition. 

The 1-kilo gold bars are IRA-eligible, making them an ideal asset to generate long-term growth. Their small size makes them a perfect, stackable investment option for those looking to bulk purchase gold without taking up a significant amount of space.

With the current market’s volatility, gold has increased in popularity. As history shows, gold has always been considered a safe-haven investment opportunity during times of economic uncertainty while maintaining its intrinsic value and providing stability even when markets are strong.   

Depending on how it’s interpreted, there is good and bad news concerning the 1-kilo gold bar. The bad news is that because Johnson Matthey and their refineries were bought out in 2016 by the Tokyo-based precious metals company Asahi Holdings, 1-kilo gold bars are no longer produced. Because of this, a finite number of the 1-kilo gold bars are available in the market today, making it potentially difficult to find one for sale. The scarcity and uniqueness of these bars have also placed their market price well above the spot price of gold, leaving them with a hefty price tag.   

That being said, having been made by a highly reputable company that is no longer producing bars causing them to become scarce, the supply and demand of these bars will significantly appreciate them over time, drastically increasing their value. If you currently own a 1-kilo gold bar or are lucky to get your hands on one, the Johnson Matthey 1-kilo gold bars make a safe investment asset in times of economic turmoil.