Australian Gold Kangaroo Coin

First released in 1986, the Australian Gold Kangaroo Coin, also known as the Australian Nugget Coin, is considered one of the gold standards (pun intended) for how bullion coins should be crafted.

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About Australian Gold Kangaroo Coin

Made of .9999 pure gold, these coins display the beautiful craftsmanship and timeless homage to the country’s most coveted animal, the kangaroo. The attention to detail and yearly design change has made the Australian Gold Kangaroo Coin one of the most sought-after gold coins worldwide. The Australian Gold Kangaroo Coin is produced in five weight denominations, including 1oz, 1/2oz, 1/4oz, 1/10oz, and 1/20oz. As expected, the face values of these coins are lesser than their intrinsic values. However, the Perth Mint didn’t stop there with their stunning coins; they have occasionally made larger coins, including 2oz, 10oz, and 1kg options. 

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Australian Gold Kangaroo Coin Design

The Perth Mint is considered one of the most recognizable mints in the world, known for crafting quality precious metal bullion, coins, and bars. These coins are only produced in limited quantities annually, contributing to the coin’s high market value. The coin has been known to have two distinct characteristics: a “two-tone” frosted design and that each coin is individually shrinkwrapped in a hard plastic capsule. The frosted design gives the artwork a sense of depth. For a standard coin, these features are unheard of, proving the coin offers a lot of value compared to other standard gold coins.

Obverse & Reverse Inscriptions

The Australian Gold Kangaroo Coin has the profile of Queen Elizabeth II of Britain etched into the obverse. She is pictured wearing her crown and royal jewelry. The Queen’s name, the coin’s face value, and “Australia” are inscribed along the coin’s edge. The reverse of the coin displays an engraved kangaroo that changes every year. The reverse typically depicts a picture of a kangaroo in its natural habitat, The Outback. However, previous reverse designs have included mother kangaroos and their joeys and a pair of boxing kangaroos. “Australian Kangaroo”, the mint year,  coin’s weight, and purity are engraved above and below the image of the kangaroo. The exception to the reverse’s annual design change is seen on the 2oz, 10oz, and 1kg denominations. Each of these all have a red kangaroo engraved on the reverse and is credited to Ian Rank-Broadley.

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  • 1oz
  • 1/2oz
  • 1/4oz
  • 1/10oz
  • 1/20oz

Australian Gold Kangaroo Coin Specifications

Every year the Australian Gold Kangaroo Coin comes in five sizes, 1/20oz, 1/10oz, 1/4oz, 1/2oz, and 1oz, each with its own diameter, thickness, and face value specifications. It’s important to note that these face values are in Australian Dollars (AUD):

  • The 1 oz coin is 32.1 mm in diameter, is 2.8 mm thick, and has a $100 face value.
  • The ½ oz coin is 25.1 mm in diameter, is 2.4 mm thick, and has a $50 face value.
  • The ¼ oz coin is 20.1 mm in diameter, is 2 mm thick, and has a $25 face value.
  • The 1/10 oz coin is 16.1 mm in diameter, is 1.5 mm thick, and has a $15 face value.
  • The 1/20 oz coin is 14.1 mm in diameter, is 1.4 mm thick, and has a $5 face value.

The Perth Mint has also been known to release larger coins of 2oz, 10oz, and 1kg from time to time. Until 1991, the 2oz, 10oz, and 1kg denominations had $500, $2,500, and $10,000 face values, respectively, before they were lowered to $200, $1,000, and $3,000 in 1992. These three coins are some of the largest coins that have ever hit the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re still unsure if the Australian Gold Kangaroo Coin is a good investment for you, we’ve provided some of the top questions we receive from our customers. Don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our team is standing by to answer any other questions you may have.

The 1oz Australian Gold Kangaroo Coin is by the far the most popular investment option. At the time of writing, the spot price of gold is $1,771, and the buying/asking price for a 1oz Australian Gold Kangaroo Coin is approximately $1,859.

The Australian Gold Kangaroo coin hasn’t always displayed a kangaroo. When the series first started in 1986, the original design showed an image of a simple gold nugget. This meteorite-looking image wasn’t physically desirable, leading to low public interest.
After three years, The Perth Mint decided to change the coin's design to feature one of the country’s leading animals - the kangaroo. But because the series was originally a gold nugget, the coin is still occasionally called the Australian Gold Nugget Coin.

When the US switched to fiat currency, banks began removing their gold buying and selling services.
Not only did fiat currency change banks’ interest in physical gold, but the rapidly changing value of gold and influx of counterfeit coins led banks to shy away from buying and selling gold coins in exchange for cash.
Many reliable and certified gold buyers will buy them based on their market value if you're looking to sell your Australian Gold Kangaroo coin. Buying them directly through Noble Gold Investments allows you to roll them directly into a government-backed IRA to grow long-term.

Specialized Versions of the Australian Gold Kangaroo Coin

Besides the annually produced coins, the Perth Mint has also released two special edition Australian Gold Kangaroo Coins.

The Mini Roo

In 2010, the Perth Mint made the first-ever button-sized coin – the Mini Roo. Weighing in at .5g, the Mini Roo is a highly desirable coin that is struck annually with a different design than the larger Australian Gold Kangaroo coins.

With a face value of only AUD 2, these coins are a unique and affordable option for those looking to buy their first gold coin or diversify their portfolio. While they aren’t IRA-approved, like the 1oz coin, The Mini Roo is a breath of fresh air to the gold coin industry.

1 Ton Australian Gold Kangaroo Coin

A year after they minted the smallest gold coin, Australia took on the challenge to create the world’s largest gold coin – the 1 Ton Australian Kangaroo. It measures 80 cm in diameter. That’s over two and a half feet wide!

Although investors can’t purchase this one-time coin, they can gaze at its enormity in the Perth Mint’s Gold Exhibition, where it sits on display.