Silver IRA

Plan For The Future With A Silver IRA

Diversify your portfolio and protect your retirement by investing in a silver IRA or purchasing physical silver bars and silver coins.

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What Is A Silver IRA?

A Silver Individual Retirement Account allows you to invest in physical silver, and serves as a good hedge against inflation by having a tangible asset in your portfolio.

Why Invest In Silver?

Industrial Usage

Increasing industrial usage

Silver is the new oil, and is indispensable in the shift to renewable energy, being a good conductor of energy.

Increasing silver usage

Silver usage is soaring, adding more demand for the metal as global supplies slip.

Growth potential

Silver is affordable, tangible, with a historic gold-to-silver price ratio that points to significant growth potential.

Easy to own

Silver is easy to own and manage, especially through a precious metals IRA.
Less counter party list

Less counter-party risk

Unlike company stock, you don’t run the risk of silver going bankrupt.
Not enough supply

Not Enough Supply

Even if we mine all silver artifacts in the world, it will never be enough to meet the world’s demand or need for silver.

Silver Is The Future of Energy

One reason silver makes an excellent investment is the role that it is playing in the “green” revolution, specifically in the renewable energy sector.

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Metal purity standards

  • Silver must be .999%+ karats pure
  • Bullion bars should be fabricated by NYMEX, COMEX, or any other ISO 9000 approved refiner.
  • Proof coins should be presented with a certificate of authenticity and must be in their original mint packaging.
  • All bullion must be in an uncirculated, first-rate condition.

Silver IRA vs Taxes

With a precious metals IRA, you are only taxed on the gains in the value of your metals when they are sold. You do not pay tax on the contributions to your IRA.

IRS approved metals

You can invest in the following coins for your Silver IRA. One ounce, one half, one quarter, and one tenth ounce silver coins are allowed by the Internal Revenue Service.

Eligible IRA Investments

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Less common investments which gained approval

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Published: October 14, 2022