PAMP Suisse 100g Gold Bar

Produced by one of the world’s most renowned precious metals refiners, the PAMP Suisse 100g gold bar is a leading bar among precious metals investors. 

pamp suisse 100gm gold bar

About PAMP Suisse 100g Gold Bar

The PAMP Suisse 100g gold bar’s design is simple yet elegant. On the top of the obverse side is the PAMP Suisse logo, four cylinders, each filled with a letter to spell out P-A-M-P. “Suisse” is stamped underneath the logo, with the weight, purity, metal content, unique serial number, and the “ESSAYEUR FONDEUR” assayer’s mark below. These marks ensure an authentic PAMP Suisse gold bar. The reverse side of the PAMP Suisse 100g gold bar is blank. Although there are no stamped marks, the defining features of the back are the imperfect lines created during the cast pouring.

Pamp Suisse 100gm Gold Bar Highlights

A classic name when it comes to gold, Pamp Suisse produces some of the finest gold bars on the market. Here are some of the highlights you can expect from this bar.

  • Each bar is cast, not minted.
  • Eligible for Precious Metals IRAs.
  • The obverse is cast with featured engravings.
  • The reverse is blank.
  • Contains 100 Grams of .9999 pure gold
  • Produced by PAMP Suisse.
  • Includes assay card.
pamp suisse 100gm gold bar
  • Mint Mark N/A - Not Available
  • Purity .9999
  • Manufacturer PAMP Suisse
  • Thickness 2.97 mm
  • Dimensions 48 x 25 x 2.97 mm
  • Metal Weight 100g (3.215 troy oz)
  • Edge Design Smooth

PAMP Suisse 100g Gold Bar Specs & Highlights

Cast bars are manufactured using a simple traditional method that only requires a few steps. A mold is made, and the melted gold is poured into it. The bars are left in the molds until cool enough to be removed and stamped with their distinguishable engravings.

The natural pouring process causes no two bars to be identical. It often renders abnormalities, marks, and scratches unique to each bar, giving them a natural, unrefined gold appearance. This rough, almost aged look is highly sought after among collectors who are more interested in the gold bars’ purity than looks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still need more information about PAMP Suisse gold bars? Thinking about investing but not sure if this is the right gold bar for your portfolio? Here are some of the common questions we get from our customers.

The current spot price of gold per ounce is $1,629, while the asking price of a PAMP Suisse 100g gold bar is around $5,200. This price will of course fluctuate with the price of gold.

With PAMP Suisse’s worldwide recognition, security improvements, and diverse selection of bullion products, most experts would deem PAMP Suisse gold bars among some of the best on the market.

With over 3.5 ounces of .9999 fine gold per bar, these bars are an excellent addition to precious metals investment portfolios as they yield higher per-ounce cost savings than smaller cast gold bars.

With the market declining, investors are increasingly unsure how safe their paper investments will perform. Investing in physical gold, especially a highly reputable bar like the PAMP Suisse 100g gold bar, is a safe route to hedge against inflation. If the stock market were ever to crash, physical gold always comes out on top and sees significant growth, making them an excellent investment.

The PAMP Suisse 100g gold bar can also be added to a precious metals IRA to grow long-term, making them a good investment to diversify retirement portfolios.

You can buy Pamp Suisse 100g gold bars right here on Noble Gold Investments. We carry a wide range of gold and silver bars that make the perfect addition to a precious metals investment portfolio. If you’re interested in buying PAMP Suisse gold bars in a gold-backed IRA or just to store at home, we make the process easy. Click here to open an account today.

About PAMP Suisse

PAMP Suisse is one of the world’s best-known and highly respected precious metals refiners and was established in Ticino, Switzerland, in 1977. PAMP stands for Produits Artistiques Métauz Précieux, which translates to Artistic Precious Metal Products. PAMP Suisse is known for its purity standards and craftsmanship.

PAMP Suisse refines gold, silver, and platinum acquired from mines and jewelers. It is currently owned by the MKS Group, based in Geneva, which oversees the global economy’s precious metal and financial services sectors.