1oz Highland Mint Silver Round

While the 1oz Highland Mint Silver Round may not be as sophisticated as many other coins out there, its simplicity is one of the major reasons it is still sought by numismatics and in the precious metals market.

1oz Highland Mint Silver Round

About The 1oz Highland Mint Silver Round

The 1oz Highland Mint Silver Round exists in two types according to the way the designs were stamped on it – the traditional stamp and an incused stamp. The incused stamped are made in such a way that the designs are sunken into the surface of the round, unlike the traditionally stamped rounds that have their designs rising above the surface of the coin. The advantage the incused stamped version has over the traditional stamped version is that the incused stamped version is more durable and more sought for by numismatics.

1oz Highland Mint Silver Round Design

The Highland Mint Indian Silver Round has a uniquely attractive design on both sides of the round. The obverse has the side portrait of an Indian head engraved on it, while stars are made to trace the round edge of the coin. On the reverse, there is an engraving of an eagle holding arrows in its left talon and an olive branch in its right. The arrows and the olive branch both mean war and peace, respectively. Still on the reverse, an inscription that reads “SILVER BULLION ROUND” sits on top of the eagle while “.999 FINE SILVER” sits on the left of the eagle.

“HM” and “ONE TROY OUNCE” are other inscriptions that one will find on the coin. The “HM” is used to represent Highland Mint, and all other precious metals from this mint bear this mark.

About Highland Mint

Highland Mint is a privately owned mint that was founded in the 80s and is located in Melbourne, Florida. They are popular for the many maximum quality precious metals they manufacture with their high-tech equipment. As a matter of fact, the company produces numerous silver rounds, such as the Seated Liberty round, JFK Silver round, Saint-Gaudens design silver round, and many others. Of all these, the 1 oz Indian Silver round is one of the most popular.

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