New Investment Opportunity: What Assets Should You Invest In?

Infrastructure. That’s a new investment opportunity as the Senate passed a massive $1 trillion infrastructure bill.

Washington is pouring money into repairing roads and bridges, updating water/sewage plants, modernizing the electric grid, and expanding airport and rail systems.

This is going to translate to a lot of investments and a lot of jobs. For investors, this is an opportunity. 

Investors are already lining up to buy debt or take equity stakes in projects. Global management and investing company, McKinsey & Company says that we need to spend $4 trillion annually for the world economy to keep pace with economic growth. 

There is another side to this story though. We need to find ways on how to finance these projects. Right now, none of the prospects sounds great for our long-term financial condition. 

One option is to get into deeper debt. The other is to hike up taxes. And if all else fails, print more money. 

Each of those options will sink our economy into depths we have never seen before. 

But with all this said, we really can’t do anything about it. As hard as it is to hear, the deal is done. All we can do is live with the consequences and that includes a dollar that’s continuously being devalued. A dollar devalued equals savings devalued. 

Whatever we are saving for our future and retirement now would probably be worth less than half by the time we retire. In other words, if a week-long vacation to New York costs us $5,000 now. In ten years, we will need $10,000 to afford the same vacation. 

If we are buying a bottle of water for a dollar now, we will need to pay $2 for the same type of bottled water in several years. 

So, if you are on track to retire with a million in your bank account, that will only be worth $500,000 in today’s money. 

So invest. Investing will allow your money to work for you. And infrastructure is one thing you may want to consider investing in. given that it will be a major focus. Needless to say, please consult your financial advisor before making any major decision. 

Another thing you should consider is protecting your investments, having a strong hedge so you can keep yourself secure even in the midst of an economic slump. The best asset for this is gold. 

It is the only asset that has remained consistent through all economic crashes. When everything else is going crazy, gold is calm and steady. And that’s what you need to have the highest level of confidence in your investments. 

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