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Keep yourself safe – with metals shipped to your home

You have a great life – but – have you thought what would happen if disaster strikes? At Noble Gold we have always known how useful gold and silver are in an emergency.

They are well known metals – they can be exchanged for goods and services – as well as other forms of money. This makes them the best choice around.

The world has never looked more risky and dangerous than it does now.

Everyone is worried – everyone is scared.

People are looking for ways to make sure they will be alright if anything happens.

We have often been asked to put together “survival packs” for clients who want to make sure they, and their families, will be OK if the worst happens..

This could be a war of some kind, flooding, an earthquake, or another sort of disaster. It could be a financial meltdown – or a cyber attack which makes anything electrical, or electronic, unuseable.

It is planning for what might happen. Imagine – not being able to access your bank accounts, or buy gas, or food, because you have no cash. This article is a couple of years old now – but – it is worth a read. With all of this in mind, we put together our new “Royal Survival Packs.”

These mix the most common, and well known gold and silver coin, and/or bullion, all together in a personal, hand-picked set – which means you can use these precious metals right away in an urgent crisis.

Royal Survival Packs

Noble Cavalier – $5,000

Noble Cavalier is our most affordable and basic, individual, “rainy day” pack. It is an emergency fund to back up your money for short-term problems and emergencies.

The Noble Cavalier pack will see you through any serious hiccup in your finances for a while.

Having no money can cause you hassle very quickly in an emergency. You need to have a fall back. A crisis fund will help to smooth the way – and keep you out of trouble.

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Noble Knight – $10,000

Noble Knight is a step up from the basic Noble Cavalier bundle of precious metals.

This set of precious metals will last longer, and fund more, with a bigger range of coins, which will be accepted widely.

This pack is for a more serious incident, which could be for a couple of weeks, possibly more.

If you think you might need to cover extra expenses – then this short-term survival pack is the one for you.

Looking after your family this way, says you care, and have thought enough of them to make plans – for whatever happens.

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Noble Baron – $25,000

Noble Baron is the first of the high-value packs which are meant for more serious incidents. This is where more money might be needed – or the problem is longer lasting.

This pack is our starter for an average family of four to cover up to a month or two of use.

We think this is the bare minimum to put aside for the average four person family. It is put together with three to six-months use in mind

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Noble Viscount – $50,000

Noble Viscount is for even longer periods of trouble – or those with higher spending needs.

This pack extends the Noble Baron pack, past a few months, for an average family of four.

It is our suggested buy as a “serious” plan for a sensible amount of money, and period of time.

A Noble Viscount pack will keep you and your family for longer, and gives you more options, if there is a major disaster or war.

It has a good mix of larger value items along with well known, easily changed coins, in both gold and silver.

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Noble Earl- $100,000

Noble Earl is our most popular collection of usable precious metals.

This package is designed for a more drawn-out and long-lasting disaster, or war, where the need for money could stretch past just surviving, and may involve extra expenses and problems.

The Noble Earl pack is both open-ended and easy to use – it lets large amounts stay in the background until needed – smaller amounts are kept handy to use along the way.

The larger bullion blocks can be hidden and kept safe. These are your insurance.

We can talk about the best split of coins and bullion before you decide what suits you best.

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Noble Marquess- $250,000

Noble Marquess takes you into very long-term planning.

This pack is for high level protection for you and your family. A lasting war or civil disturbance can make it difficult to stay in one place. You might need to move around and travel.

To do this you have to have funds to prepare and buy transport. Gas is going to be expensive and the normal ways of banking and trading may well no longer exist.

Noble Marquess is a mixed pack of useful and well known metals which will look after everybody for up to a year.

As it is such a large amount it can be split into different units for different uses. All this will be talked over with you before you buy.

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Noble Duke- $500,000

Noble Duke is our top Royal Survival Pack.

This set of precious metals will keep your wealth safe – it lets you deal with any danger which may crop up.

As with the Noble Marquess plan, the Noble Duke pack is finished to suit your personal needs.

These are fully discussed, at the time of sale, to make sure you get the best options for you and your family.

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Noble Ambassador- Call or Email

Noble Ambassador is a very special product.

This package is only for offshore clients – those outside the United States – who want to hold precious metals within North America.

Noble Ambassador can be paid for in dollars or bitcoin. There is no limit to the amount of metal which can be bought, or the variety and composition of the items. All paperwork involved in this transaction can be completed online, and we will discuss everything with you, every step of the way.

Like our packs for US residents, Noble Ambassador clients have the choice of storing their Royal Survival Package at Delaware Depository Service Company’s, precious metals custody and distribution center, in Wilmington, Delaware – or at International Depository Services of Canada, precious metals custody and distribution center, located in Mississauga, Ontario.

You can have your contingency plan waiting for you thousands of miles away, without ever having to go there – until you need it.

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Noble Gold – Right To Your Door – Royal Survival Packs

We have been in the precious metals industry for over twenty years and we know the market inside out. We know the best type of bullion and coins to use for survival – those which are the easiest to change for goods and services – worldwide.

This means you don’t need to research, or worry about folk accepting your choice if you don’t know much about gold or silver – we do this – and then we put it all together for you.

In the same way as it is easier to get spares for a Ford F-150, than it is for a Jaguar XJ – it is also much easier to sell an American Gold Eagle coin, than a rare 100 year-old special mint mark gold coin.

With our new range of seven “Royal Survival Packs”, which are delivered right to your door, we make sure you have the sort of coins and bullion you can actually use – straight off – with no hassle. The last thing you want, when everything goes wrong, is not to be able to swap your store of metal.

This is exactly when you need them.

When you are buying, your privacy – and security – are our top priority. Our dealings with you, before, during, and after your inquiry, will always be dealt with quietly and discreetly.

Be one step ahead – make sure you and your family are protected – it does not take much thought to realize the dangers out there – if you can afford to do something about it – you should.

Anyone who has been in a situation where they needed to grease a palm, or smooth things a little, will know how useful a silver coin, or two, can be.

One of the most difficult things in planning for any kind of emergency is deciding what to include in your plans. In the same way in which you look after your shelter, diet, and safety, with fuel, food, and weapons, we enable you to look after your finances with “monetary” fuel, rations, and ammunition.

Many people who argue against such planning, will tell you that you can’t eat metal. This is true, but, as a way of trading, it works – in a bad patch it gets you out of trouble – it will let you buy what you need.

We should go with the idea that money, as we know it, will not be around. ATMs not working, banks closing, and money becoming worthless – without the banking system working.

If the electrical grid failed, with nothing running – gas pumps, cash registers, lighting, heating, computer systems – and if, at the same time, the US dollar took a hit – how would you buy anything – or pay for it?

Precious metals have been used to barter for centuries – as coins and bullion – in 2011, Utah approved gold and silver coins as legal tender, as long as they were issued by the US Mint. Changing the better known coins, is getting much easier.

Silver is taken more often than gold when trading for goods. This is because of its lower value – in the same way it is harder to change a $500 bill than a $20 bill, it is easier to change a silver coin than a gold one.

US silver coins dated before 1965 are a good choice. Their worth is made up of just the silver in them – and they are well known to the people who will be buying them from you. These coins are often known as “junk silver,” because they have no extra value as “special,” or “collectable” items.

To give you the best choice, we do not pick junk silver alone – we also focus on small bullion coins and bars – which our broker will talk about with you when putting together your individual package.

We always talk through your plans with you, so you can decide on the survival pack you want, as well as making sure it meets the needs of both you, and your family. We want you to be certain it is exactly what you are looking for, and fits your budget.

Noble Gold Cavalier, Knight, and Baron Survival Packs, lean towards both silver and gold, to cover all outcomes, and short term survival – from a few weeks to a month – where it is fairly certain the problem will pass quickly.

Gold is for longer term survival – Noble Gold Viscount, Earl, Marquess, and Duke Packs are for longer term issues – where the banks and computers are not working, or destroyed, and getting hold of “money” is unlikely.

Getting a Hold Of Your Royal Survival Packs

We offer two ways of taking ownership of your precious metals – both ways are discreet and fast, with complete paperwork and security – so you can easily track your holdings, at all times.

The survival pack can be delivered to you – or you can store it at a secure, remote location. You can then have it forwarded at a future date, or you can collect it in person.

Both options are private and confidential – with our assurance your purchase will be both secret and secure.

Noble Express

Noble Express is the home delivery service.

We will ship, to your door, a plain wrapped, Royal Survival Pack. This will be forwarded discreetly and quietly, to an address of your choosing, within 5 days of purchase.

The order will be fully insured, by us, until signed for.

Your privacy and confidentiality is important – we take this very seriously.

Noble Gold take every precaution to make sure the identity of our customers, and their purchases, stay private.

Noble Fortress

Noble Fortress is the storage choice.

Once your order is bought, your Royal Survival Pack is delivered to a high-security, fully guarded, depository. We offer two choices:

• Our US recommendation is International Depository Services, precious metals custody and distribution center, located in New Castle, Delaware.

• Our offshore recommendation is International Depository Services of Canada, precious metals custody and distribution center, located in Mississauga, Ontario in Canada.

At either location, your holdings are put into segregated storage – allocated to you, and you alone – and can be collected on production of papers which will be sent to you.

This authentication gives you full legal ownership of your precious metals – allowing you to withdraw on demand – in whole, or in part.

Your delivery is made with the highest regard to your personal and professional security.

We take the confidentiality and privacy of our clients very seriously at every stage of the buying and shipment process.

Our customers are for life.

At Noble Gold we believe our customers are customers for life.

As part of our ongoing service to you as brokers – we are not here just to sell gold or silver to you.

We know people’s lives change – people pass away, people divorce, people move on – you might need to sell your precious metals before you intend to, for all sorts of reasons.

This is why, at Noble Gold, we have a quick and painless buyback program, which enables you to sell your gold back to us, if you need to.

Not only this – should you find your metals are making you a lot more money than you thought, you can take those profits, at any time, by getting in touch with us.

We will arrange to broker the best possible deal for you – and make sure you come away smiling.

If you find yourself in a situation you’re not sure about with your holdings, and just want to talk it over, so you know your options – you will always find us at the other end of the phone – or you can email us – and we will help you to sort it out.

We always look after our Noble Gold “family.”

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