Gold’s Important Utility: Surgical Robots

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Published: November 23, 2021

surgical robots

Soon enough, robots will operate on people. Don’t worry, there’s still a human doctor overseeing the robot.

In fact, Vicarious Surgical, a company that develops medical robotics just went public. It was founded by Adam Sachs, an MIT grad and alum of the 2019 Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

Their goal: To make abdominal surgery faster, easier, and subject to fewer complications, starting with hernia repairs.

The surgical robotics market has been dominated by Intuitive Surgical, which introduced its Da Vinci robots two decades ago, and now sports a market cap of $123 billion. As Intuitive’s patents expire and robotic technology advances, competitors including J&J and Medtronic, both of which have acquired surgical-robot startups, are vying to make robotic surgery as common as laparoscopy.

Why? Precision, flexibility, and control during the operation and allow them to better see the site, compared with traditional techniques. Using robotic surgery, surgeons can perform delicate and complex procedures that may have been difficult or impossible with other methods.

Often, robotic surgery makes minimally invasive surgery possible. The benefits of minimally invasive surgery include:

Fewer complications, such as surgical site infection
Less pain and blood loss
Quicker recovery
Smaller, less noticeable scars
Robots are most often made of silver. The central processing unit that operates it is made of gold.

According to The Lancet, a medical research company, there are 313 million procedures done yearly. That’s 313 people that could benefit from gold and silver.

Take note that this technology is still young. Once tests are completed and case studies are made public, more and more medical robots will be made and they will all be made of silver and gold.

So, if you are looking into investing in the future, invest in an old fashion asset like silver and gold that’s being rediscovered for future generations.

If you want to know more about it, call us at (877) 646-5347. Don’t worry, we won’t ever pressure you into buying gold. That’s not how our company works. We are here to answer your questions. If at the end of the conversation, you don’t feel like it’s for you, we will never push you.

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