The Complete Guide To Investing In Gold & Silver Coins


Published: September 22, 2022

investing in gold and silver coins

Coin collecting has come a long way since the days of scrambling to fill coin catalog books. Collectors are changing how they view coins and, instead, are turning to coin investing to solidify a secure financial future.

At Noble Gold Investments, we want to help you secure your financial future by making wise choices with your investments and retirement planning. Investing in gold coins, silver coins, and other coins like palladium and platinum coins offers a unique opportunity that combines the material’s raw value with the collectible item’s rarity.

Why Should You Invest in Coins?

Whether you’re a novice investor, recent retiree, collector, or seasoned shareholder, you’ve likely heard of investing in precious metals. Precious metals investments come in many forms: coins, rare coins, bars, exchange-traded funds, individual retirement accounts, jewelry, stocks, and bonds.

Investors have overwhelming opportunities for portfolio growth from cryptocurrencies to profitable corporations, so why coins?

Hedge Against Inflation

When economies face inflation, the value of fiat currencies decreases as goods and services become increasingly expensive. Unlike paper money, precious metal coins are irreplaceable and will gain value over time to meet or exceed the rising living costs. In fact, when paper money is declining in value, gold and silver coins will usually gain value which makes them an especially strong hedge against inflation.

Offers Price Stability

Some investors love the adrenaline rush of rapidly fluctuating stocks, though many prefer stable options. While precious physical metals may fluctuate during short periods, you can rely on long-term investments to yield high returns.

Can’t Be Hacked or Erased

As the monetary system shifts entirely into the technological realm, it opens the doors for hackers to erase your accounts and transfer your digital portfolio to theirs. Within seconds, your digital investments could be wiped with the simple press of a button.

Owning a tangible asset eliminates that possibility because you’re not relying on the internet to keep your valuables safe; you depend on a physical location to store and secure your investments.

Coins Offer Portfolio Diversity

If you invest all your savings in only one asset and it fails, you’ll have nothing. Diversifying your portfolio with various assets protects your earnings and offers a fail-safe plan to come out on top in at least one of your investments.

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What To Consider Before Investing in Coins

Unlike today’s tender, precious metal coin values vary based on metal, mint, rarity, certification, and purity. Each coin’s unique characteristics directly impact its value.

There are several aspects to consider before investing in coins. These characteristics will help you make an informed investment decision, whether it be your first or hundredth coin.

Reasonable Pricing

Precious metals aren’t all worth the same, and where your buy them also affects their price value. Shopping around to determine the most reasonable price for the coin is essential. You want to find a price that aligns with similar coins to avoid falling victim to vendor inflation.

When investing in gold, silver, or other coins, you can pick a metal type and coin weight that suits your budget and financial goals.

Sovereign vs. Private

You can purchase precious metal coins from sovereign or private mints. For guaranteed weights and purity levels, you may want to consider sovereign coins from a government mint. Consider private-minted rounds, which may contain impurities, for a smaller entry price.

Bullion vs. Numismatic

There are two main profit opportunities when investing in gold, silver, and other coins. Bullion coins gain value because they contain the highest levels of the associated precious metal. Numismatic coins are collectible, rare items that gain value from their scarcity, age, and condition.

Raw vs. Certified

You can’t determine a precious metal coin’s purity with the naked eye. A raw coin has not gone through a grading service before being purchased. Services like PCGS, ANACS, and NGC offer grading certifications to help you invest confidently, though you typically must pay more for certified coins.


High-purity coins are the most valuable, ranging up to 99.999% pure. As a general rule of thumb, you should search for options above 90% purity. Historical items may have lower percentages, though they offer value from their rarity.

Top 10 Gold Coins for Investing

Gold is one of the most historically valuable, rare, stable, and globally-accepted assets you can invest in. Many gold coin options exist, reflecting current gold prices, though each offers different designs, availability, and purity rates.

Gold American Eagle

The Gold American Eagle boasts high liquidity, meaning you can easily find it. These coins depict Lady Liberty on the obverse side and a bald eagle on the reverse. You can choose between several sizes up to one ounce, making this coin flexible for any budget.

Gold American Buffalo

The Gold American Buffalo features the 1913 Buffalo Nickel design on the reverse side and a Native American chief on the obverse. At 99.999% pure, you can rely on the Gold American Buffalo to steadily gain value over long investment periods. You can purchase this coin in five sizes, depending on your budget.

Gold Canadian Maple Leaf

If you visit any website that sells gold and silver coins, you’ll likely see the Gold Canadian Maple Leaf because it’s one of the purest sovereign bullion coins available. The asset comes in seven different sizes, displaying Queen Elizabeth II on one side and a maple leaf on the other.

Gold British Britannia

The Gold British Britannia coin depicts a symbol of the British Isles during the Roman Empire. Since 2013, The Royal Mint has steadily improved the purity of this coin, improving its earned recognition among traders. You can add this coin to your portfolio in one-ounce or 10-ounce weights.

Gold South African Krugerrands

When investing in gold, silver, and other coins, sometimes purity isn’t everything. While the Gold South African Krugerrand doesn’t boast the highest purity percentage, the increased 8.33% of copper included in the mixture creates a striking, unique color that increases value. You can easily get your hands on this coin with various weight options and affordable purchase prices.

Gold Austrian Philharmonic

The Gold Austrian Philharmonic features Vienna’s Golden Hall on one side and an array of orchestral instruments on the other. You can purchase weights between 0.25 oz to 10 oz. The Austrian Mint guarantees this coin, making it a stable and certified option.

Gold Mexican Libertad

The Gold Mexican Libertad displays the Mexican coat of arms on the obverse and the Angel of Independence on the reverse. You can choose between various size options to fit your budget needs. The historical design and limited production may make this coin an excellent addition to your collection.

Gold Australian Kangaroo

The most exciting aspect of the Gold Australian Kangaroo is that each mintage features a new kangaroo design. If you purchase a coin, you’ll be one of the few investors to own the exact design.

The Gold Australian Kangaroo offers many size options, ranging between 0.01 oz and one kilogram. The one-ounce version with 99.999% purity currently has a face value of $68.55.

Gold Chinese Panda

Limited mintages, new yearly designs, and multiple size options make the Gold Chinese Panda an excellent choice whether you want to add to your collection or diversify your investment portfolio. The impressive size varieties range from 0.05 oz to one kilogram.

Gold Somalian Elephant

The Gold Somalian Elephant also offers new reverse designs annually that you can purchase in four sizes. Each of the rare coins boasts decent face values with competitive intrinsic values.

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Top 9 Silver Coins for Investing

When learning about investing in gold, silver, and other coins, consider how the less popular options, like silver, offer more accessible entry prices. Silver is a tangible asset in high demand from the jewelry and industrial metal industries, making it a precious investment opportunity.

American Silver Eagle

As the silver rendition of the American Eagle, the American Silver Eagle is one of the most popular silver coins available. If you want a more affordable entry price, consider one of this round’s many weight options.

Canadian Silver Maple Leaf

You can purchase the Canadian Silver Lead in various sizes and special editions. The high purity level and stunning design offer great investment growth opportunities. The Royal Canadian Mint produces this coin, and you can still currently use it as legal tender, making it excellent for long-term investments or emergency pocket cash.

British Silver Britannia

The Royal Mint began producing the British Silver Britannia in 1997, ten years after the first gold minting of this coin. Over time, the mint improved the coin’s purity to 99.999%. The coin features a striking personified symbol of the United Kingdom.

Mexican Silver Libertad

Investors and collectors worldwide recognize the Libertad series as one of the top investment opportunities available. The silver version of the Mexican Libertad, introduced in 1982, features a striking Angel of Independence design much like the gold version. For a more affordable entry price, consider the silver variety.

Somalian Silver Elephant

If you’re interested in the Somalian Elephant coin but not the high purchase price, consider the silver option. You can still enjoy the value opportunities associated with the rotating releases and unusual design.

Morgan Silver Dollar

Morgan Silver Dollars are historical, numismatic coins circulated in the United States from 1878 to 1921. If you’re interested in investing in history, this coin may be right for you.

Austrian Silver Philharmonic

Europe’s favorite silver coin, the Austrian Silver Philharmonic, comes at a high purchase price but boasts great liquidity. As the first coin of its type to receive a face value in euros, this coin features historical value, high-quality minting, and an enchanting design.

90% “Junk” Silver Dime

Given the name, you can tell this coin only provides the bare minimum of purity, though it still offers decent value retention rates due to the scarcity. Many of the existing coins are damaged, making any non “junk” ones extra valuable.

Australian Silver Kangaroo

First minted in 1993, Australian Silver Kangaroos remain popular for their affordability and liquidity. You can use this coin as legal tender in Australia or add it to your investment portfolio.

Top 10 Rare Coins To Invest In

Investing in gold, silver, or other coins with limited availabilities provides intrinsic value, whether you want to add to your collection or profit by selling to a collector. The rarest coins on the market generate value over time, especially if you maintain their condition.

1909-S VDB Lincoln Cent

Only minted for a few weeks in 1909, the 1909-S VDB Lincoln Cent boasts extreme demand levels and a limited supply. Only about 50,000 of these coins still exist.

1943 Lincoln Steel Cent

In 1943, the U.S. minted steel pennies to save copper for WWII supplies. Investing in this coin allows you to invest in history, which could offer huge profits from collectors.

1864 Two Cents

American coins usually come in $.01, $.05, $.10, and $.25 value varieties, though not $.02. The 1864 Two Cent coin is scarce and rich in history.

1883 “No Cents” Liberty Nickel

Due to a design flaw that omitted the word “cents,” many con artists were able to pass these nickels off as $5 gold coins in 1883. This quirky historical error makes these coins extra valuable today.

1942-P Jefferson Silver Nickel

To preserve nickel for the war, the U.S. minted nickels using silver between 1942 and 1945. Investing in this coin allows you to own a piece of history.

1916-D Mercury Dime

Experts estimate that only 10,000 Mercury dimes still exist today. Due to scarcity, a 1916-D Mercury dime may sell for $1,000 or more. As one of the most commonly counterfeited products, use extra caution when shopping for this coin.

1796 Draped Bust Quarter

The 1796 Draped Bust Quarts are the first quarters the United States produced, making them extremely rare and valuable. Of the handful that the U.S. created, only 26 received mint-grade condition ratings. Even poorly-kept Draped Bust Quarter coins maintain their value because of their historical significance.

1876 Liberty Seated Half Dollar

Liberty Seated Half Dollars are popular, expensive coins, though you can purchase the 1876 variety for a relatively affordable entry price. Open market listings display this coin selling for upwards of $16,000, though you may be able to purchase one for just $24.

1938-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar

Another rare but affordable coin is the 1938-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar. The U.S. produced this series from 1916 to 1947. The unique design depicts Lady Liberty as you’ve never seen her before.

1964 Kennedy Half Dollar

The 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar is a 50-cent coin depicting an image of John. F. Kennedy’s portrait. The coin began circulating just months after his assassination. If you want to invest, you should seek a silver option, as it retains its value best.

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Tax Rate for Precious Metals

Before investing, you should consider how much you’ll need to pay in taxes. According to the U.S. IRS (Internal Revenue Service), precious metals have a tax rate of 28% for long-term capital gains.

Are You Ready to Invest Your Coins?

With countless gold, silver, and rare coin options, to choose from, we recommend speaking with a member of our team before getting started. We have experts standing by that can answer any questions you may have about our coins or just about investing in gold and silver in general. We can even help you get set up with a tax-advantaged gold IRA or silver IRA to store your coins in to help you better prepare for your retirement.

We look forward to helping you achieve your financial goals. Call Noble Gold Investments today at (877) 646-5347 or fill out a Contact Us form to begin your coin investment journey.


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