Is The FBI Covering Up A Massive Civil War Era Gold Discovery?


Published: April 15, 2023

Treasure map with compass and gold coins

The story of the lost Civil War-era gold has captivated treasure hunters and history buffs for decades, spawning countless books, documentaries and even an investigation at FBI. Now, after years of searching and a court-ordered release of documents, one treasure hunter believes he has found evidence that the FBI is covering up part of our nation’s history.

If his allegations turn out to be true, it would not only shake the nation’s confidence in the FBI, but also the importance of discovering long-lost gold to the price of gold and your gold investments.

The Discovery Of Civil War Era Gold

This Civil War-era story of lost gold dates back to 1863, when a Union gold shipment disappeared en route from Wheeling, West Virginia, to the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia. The shipment, worth over $1 million at the time, was intended to pay Union soldiers and finance their efforts in the Civil War. Despite extensive searches and investigations, the gold was never found, and its disappearance remains a mystery to this day.

Over the years, many theories have arisen as to what happened to the lost gold. Some believe it was stolen by Confederate soldiers or sympathizers, while others believe it was buried or hidden along the route.

Despite numerous attempts to locate the missing treasure, including several high-profile searches in recent years, the fate of the lost gold remains unknown. Perhaps one day the truth behind this centuries-old mystery will be revealed – or it already is.

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Is The FBI Covering Up The Gold’s Discovery

In 2018, the FBI conducted a secret dig at Dents Run, Pennsylvania, in search of the Union’s lost gold. The search was triggered by rumors that hundreds of millions of dollars worth of Civil War-era gold had been discovered and hidden in the area. The presence of the FBI raised suspicions among local residents that an attempt was being made to cover up the find and prevent it from becoming public knowledge.

However, recently released photos, videos, maps and other documents have led treasure hunter Dennis Parada and others to believe that the FBI is covering up the gold find.

Parada is not the only one who believes this – many people have wondered why the government agency has never been particularly eager to investigate these claims further. Could it really be that they are hiding one of America’s biggest secrets? If so, the real question is, “Why?”

Questionable Security Practices


The FBI is believed to be covering up the discovery of the lost gold after taking mysterious and seemingly excessive security measures during the 2018 excavation. Dennis Parada, who led the FBI into the area, claims that the FBI has cordoned off the entire area and refuses to let anyone near or on the site, not even local police forces.

Parada was surprised by the FBI security protocols and stated that this was unusual for an archaeological dig. He had expected to be allowed to observe and document the search for the gold. Instead, he and his team were kept away and not allowed to take photos of what was excavated or where on the property it was found.

Withheld Or Tampered With Documentation

Parada and other treasure hunters have accused FBI of falsifying key evidence and wrongfully withholding records. The court-ordered release of FBI photos, videos, maps, and other documents from the dig has only heightened these suspicions, leading Parada and other treasure hunters to believe that the FBI has covered up evidence of a huge Civil War gold hoard.

The declassified records appear to show that there may have been some irregularities in the conduct of FBI during the excavation. For example, there are gaps between the photo logs, suggesting that something may have been tampered with or removed without due process.

There are also discrepancies in the presence of snow in the images (some photos show snow, others do not), which raises further questions about what might have happened. These inconsistencies suggest that there may be more to the story than has been officially confirmed. The dispute is currently being litigated in federal court, where a judge will have to decide whether FBI must release the documents it wants to keep secret.

Possible Political Influences

The possibility that political motives are behind the secrecy is certainly not unfounded. These motives could include personal financial gain, protection of a certain reputation, or other reasons.

After all, if it became public knowledge that hundreds of millions of dollars worth of gold had been found and kept secret for so long, questions would eventually arise as to why such a large amount had not been discovered earlier and who might have benefited from keeping it hidden for so long.

The potential consequences of a cover-up of the discovery of Civil War-era gold by FBI would be fatal. It could leave a black mark on the credibility of the agency and cause the public to lose faith and trust in their government institutions. This would be a worrying development, as political influence in many state organizations is already strong and further distrust of state institutions could exacerbate this situation.

Protect Against Potential Inflation

The release of hundreds of millions of dollars worth of Civil War-era gold could have a significant impact on the U.S. economy. The potential for inflation would be very real, as too much money chasing limited goods and services is one of the most common factors causing inflation.

This could be why FBI has chosen to keep any discovery under wraps. By avoiding bringing an influx of new currency into the market, they can ensure price stability and prevent negative economic consequences of such a significant movement of money.

What It Could Mean For Gold Investors If This Lost Gold Turns Up

The possible discovery of Civil War-era gold could mean a significant influx of cash for the U.S. government and have implications for other markets. With hundreds of millions of dollars worth of gold coming to market, you may be wondering what this could mean for your gold investments.

Impact On Gold Prices

If it turns out that FBI has indeed found the lost Civil War-era gold and is covering up its discovery, it could have a significant impact on the price of gold. The sudden influx of such a large amount of gold could cause prices to plummet as supply exceeds demand.

Investors could become uncertain about what will happen to short- and long-term prices. This uncertainty could lead to increased market volatility, making it difficult for investors to accurately predict future price movements.

Investors in gold or other precious metals should keep an eye on any major developments related to this story so they can adjust their investment strategy as needed.

Risk Of Investment Scams

While the thought of owning a piece of American history may seem exciting, investors should be wary of potential investment scams. With the increased attention to this story, individuals are likely to try to exploit the public’s curiosity and offer fraudulent investments claiming a connection to the rumored discovery.

Investors should always do their due diligence when considering an investment opportunity and avoid investing in products that aren’t publicly traded and regulated by government agencies such as the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC).

While it may be tempting, given the speculation surrounding this story, investors should never put money to work that they can’t afford to lose. Always make sure you’re making financially wise investment decisions.

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