4 Piece Set American Gold Eagle Proof Coins

Each of those Gold Eagle denominations alone makes a very valuable collectible for coin collectors and also those that invest in the gold bullion market, but the combination of all four of them in one packaging makes the set an even more precious catch.

4 Piece Set American Gold Eagle Proof Coins

About The 4 Piece Set American Gold Eagle Proof Coins

The United States Mint are the manufacturers of these remarkably beautiful and valuable coins. The American Gold Eagle Coins were first manufactured in 1986 and the 1oz denomination was the first to hit the market while the other three denominations, 1/2oz, 1/10oz and 1/4oz hit the market in the later years.

In all the time that these coins have been in circulation, they have been known for their top quality and their durable nature. This durability can be attributed to the fact that the coins are not composed of gold alone. They contain very small quantities of silver and copper which help to strengthen the coin. However, the United States Mint make sure that the Gold Eagle coins do not have anything below a 90% gold content.

Furthermore, the coins are IRA eligible, making the ideal as forms of retirements savings for IRA accounts.

4 Piece Set American Gold Eagle Proof Back

Obverse & Reverse Inscriptions

The denominations have the same designs on both sides of the coin. The obverse features a full image of Lady Liberty, as designed by Augustus Saint Gaudens, with a flowing hair in front of the Capitol, while brandishing a torch and an olive branch on her right and left hands respectively. The reverse design, a handiwork of Miley Busiek, features the image of a male eagle holding an olive branch in its beak as it soars above a female eagle and some baby eagles in its nest. The combination of these unquestionably beautiful designs on both sides of the coin makes the Gold Eagle Coin the most beautiful American coin in the history of the country.

All of these denominations contain the “W” engraving beneath their mintage year which signifies that they are proof coins. The coins in the set usually have random mintage years and the set comes complete with a certificate of authenticity.

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