Europe Is Planning To Lead The Digital Financial Revolution

Late last year, the European Commission leaked a set of rules proposing an all-encompassing set of regulations covering the trading or issuance of digital assets across the 27-nation bloc. What is the most significant part of these rules in terms of impact on the crypto industry?

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Will Silver Push Above $50?

Not only will silver’s monetary side will shine bright in 2021 in an environment where the U.S. dollar is driven lower by rising inflation pressure and low interest rates, but Hansen also said in his report that industrial demand and the green energy revolution will be an essential factor for silver.

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Students & Beginners Investment Tips

Young investors, student investors, or just those new to investing in general stay away from gold primarily because it doesn’t seem to be a profitable investment. It has always been perceived as a safe haven investment, something of a hedge against inflation and economic downturns.

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U.S. Dollar Is Crashing, Protect Your Investments

There’s a money printing party going on and the entire world is invited. EU just approved a $2.1 trillion budget. Bank of England added an additional $131.2 billion in asset purchases on June and our very own Feds announced on Wednesday that it would keep lending until the end of the year instead of ending it in September.

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Where To Invest During Reccesion

The beauty industry has always been touted as the one industry that’s recession-proof. And you know what? That makes sense from the most basic of human psychology. When things are bad and you can’t do anything about it, you turn to the one thing you can control, yourself.

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Underperformance Or Outperformed?

SINCE THE DAYS OF THE ancients, gold has been a symbol of wealth. Kings, queens, emperors, rulers, and celebrities continue to use gold as a symbol of fortune and glamor. Perhaps it is this precise use that’s turning people away from gold investments. Even while billionaires, the latest of which is Buffett, show their faith in gold, many are still doubting it.

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