10oz Republic Metals Silver Bar

There is hardly any other bar that beats this bar when it comes to the beauty of its design. Although simple, it can be argued that the simplicity is what makes it so beautiful.

10oz Republic Metals Silver Bar

About 10oz Republic Metals Silver Bar

The obverse has an engraving of the logo of the manufacturer, Republic Metals Corporation. Underneath this logo is an inscription reading “REPUBLIC METALS CORPORATION”. Still on the obverse, inscriptions that state the weight of the silver bar (10 troy ounces), and the purity level of the bar (.999 fine silver) can be seen. Finally, the obverse is graced with an assay inscription that reads “REFINERS ASSAYERS”. The bar has no design on the reverse.

  • Producer Republic Metals Corporation
  • Purity .999 Fine Silver
  • Weight 10 troy ounces

10oz Republic Metals Silver Bar Specs & Highlights

Although, the design process may not be as sophisticated as that of many other bars, this silver bar still does well on its own. Because of the size of the bar, it is made by simply pouring molten silver in rectangular shaped molds and allowing it to cool.

This design process reduces the cost of production and also contributes to the rough surface that the bars usually have, and as a result, the premium on these bars are quite low.

About The Republic Metals Corporation

Republic Metals Corporation are one of the biggest manufacturers of precious metals in the world. They are famous in the market because of the high quality of precious metals they churn out of their forges. They rely on their high-tech and eco friendly machines and equipment to efficiently manufacture their products without harming the environment.

On average, the company produces about 7000 tons of precious metals (silver and gold) annually. The 10 oz silver bar is one of their masterpieces.

Consequently, precious metals investors are very comfortable investing in this bar. Another reason why investors often choose this bar is that the heavy metal can be easily stored, unlike the smaller ones.