99,999% in Your Investment in Less Than a Day

If you want 99,999% in your investment in less than a day, just do what John did.

John went to a flea market in Paris, where he lives, with a dollar in hand. He found a genuine 1776 Continental dollar struck in pewter and bought it for $56 cents. He pulled out his phone and checked how much he can sell it for.

He sold it for $100,000.

The coin was graded and encapsulated Mint State 62 by grading experts at Professional Coin Grading Services Paris office.

Continental dollars often found in dealers’ junk boxes or at flea markets are generally determined to be cast copies or struck reproductions.

So finding a new genuine example of the rare U.S. Colonial coin is extremely rare.

Numerous replica pieces exist, most of which are considered to have no numismatic value.

And although a 50 cent purchase will most definitely not break your bank, buying an ungraded coin is something I won’t recommend. There are too many stories about people selling coins for hundreds of thousands of dollars that people are just buying coins left and right.

That’s exactly what counterfeiters are taking advantage of, people wanting to get rich quick. A coin is one way of getting there but John’s story, not his real name by the way, extremely rare. It is certainly not a recommended investment strategy.

If you want to invest in coins, get a graded one. Graded coins are certified genuine by a third party agency. Graded coins are:

1) Guaranteed authentic so you have the peace of mind that comes with having a professional coin grader determine that the coin is genuine. Professional graders, through new technologies, such as labels with holograms and other measures, ensure the authenticity of a slabbed coin.

2) Offers Better Liquidity. A certification makes it easier for a buyer to identify a coin making it easier to sell. This is especially important when buying older coins.

3) Preserved better. Sonically sealed graded coins guarantee long-term storage for your coin. Though slabs alone can’t offer complete protection against the environment in which they are stored, when they are placed in a cool, dry place, they are almost 100% protected!

4) Guaranteed when it comes to quality. Coins, through a certification process, are examined by numismatic experts and given accurate grades.

5) And lastly, you know exactly what you are getting. Graders have a vast database with information on every coin they grade. You can find specs on a particular coin, as well as how many coins have been assigned to certain grades. This is called a coin’s “population,” and it can greatly influence the value of coinage in the modern numismatic world.

Noble gold has a vast collection of coins you can invest on and each one is graded. 

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