10 Reasons to Invest in Silver – Ebook


Published: November 3, 2021


Dwindling Silver Supply Signals Opportunity for Gold IRAs

Precious metals have long been an asset class that investors turn to in times of economic volatility and when seeking a long-term investment to hedge the markets.  And for good reason, historically precious metal prices have strengthened when U.S. markets have weakened. Now, with a dwindling silver supply, this particular asset class is poised for a sharp increase in value providing investors a prime opportunity to leverage returns.

According to Chile’s Ministry of Mines, domestic silver production in January declined 20% versus the same month last year. Chile’s silver production has been falling considerably since its recent peak in 2014, and as the world’s fourth-largest silver producer, Chile is not the only exporter of precious metals to experience declines.

Why Invest Now?

Why is now the time to buy in or increase investments in precious metals? With the current demand staying consistent, if not increasing, and the supply for precious metals shrinking, the natural outcome will be an increase in precious metals prices. Furthermore, there is a correlated relationship between gold and silver – when gold prices rise, silver prices historically rise further. Seeing as silver is primed for a pricing increase, investors can assume gold is too – making this a prime opportunity to invest.

Investors looking to leverage a long-term investment to grow their retirement savings should consider precious metals before the asset class experiences a sharp increase and investors are priced out of competitive returns. The best way for investors to add precious metals to their portfolio is by purchasing physical precious metals through a self-directed IRA, whether that be through opening a new account or rolling over a previous retirement account.

self-direct IRA provides investors the freedom to diversify retirement investments into non-traditional assets such as commodities, cryptocurrencies, real estate and more. When looking to purchase physical precious metals, investors should seek out a trusted provider that can assist with the right allocation of assets as well as provide guidance on secure delivery and storage.

Current market volatility coupled with a dwindling gold and silver supply is a recipe for soaring precious metals prices and, for investors invested in gold and silver, positive ROI. By proactively responding to today’s market signals, investors can help to safeguard the longevity of their wealth into retirement. For guidance on your precious metals investments call Noble Gold today!

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