“You can’t eat gold …”

Gold Burger

One of the arguments we get constantly on our Facebook page – and in comments on our YouTube videos and Instagram feeds – is “you can’t eat gold …”

Actually – you can – gold leaf is now used by top chefs as an adornment to all kinds of food – but we’re being picky.

We think it’s a strange point of view – because you can’t really eat any kind of metal currency can you?

Whether it’s gold, copper, iron, or some alloy though – we can exchange it for food.

Unless it‘s not recognized as a means of trade.

When fiat currencies – based on a promise – are no longer trusted – they become unusable because they aren’t credible as a means of payment or barter.

The point that most people miss is that gold and silver are real, “tangible” things. They will last. They have had value for thousands of years.

They go beyond government promises to pay – because they are universal.

Gold and silver can be spent in any country in the world.

They are not subject to exchange rates or interest rates, quantitative easing, or any of the other ways in which governments try to manipulate economies.

This is important when it comes to funding your individual retirement account.

Physical precious metals are an insurance policy against the devaluing of – and even the collapse of – a fiat currency.

Couldn’t happen in America?

This link shows 56 instances, in modern times, where currencies all over the world have hit the skids

America’s national debt – the money we owe to other countries and ourselves – is astronomical.

The interest payments on this, alone, will cripple America sooner rather than later.

It is just a question of time before the dollar follows those other 56 countries that have been in the same situation.

Being prepared with precious metals IRAs in your individual retirement accounts, and using approved precious metals from qualified precious metals dealers, is a way of ensuring that whatever happens to the US dollar – and the American economy – your retirement fund will be preserved and kept safe from the ravages of hyper-inflation.

By using a combination of bullion (gold coins, silver coins – gold bars and silver bars – gold bullion and silver bullion) as long as these are approved by the Internal Revenue Service for inclusion into your IRA account – you can use your self directed IRA to store the value of your savings into your retirement and beyond.

It is thought that only 3% to 9% of Americans have taken steps to keep any precious metals, either in home storage or secure vaults, to insure their retirements.

By contrast, only 3% to 9% of Americans would NOT insure their homes against risks.

This is crazy by any measure …

Like the recent fires in California, the warning signs of disaster are clear for all to see.

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