Will Gold Rally to 10k?

With gold hitting an all time high, many of our investors are asking for some financial guidance in case gold hits $5,000… or $10,000. What if Silver surpasses $50 and reaches 3 digits?

Sure, that might be good for investors but what does that mean on a larger scale? What does it mean for the country? For the world? And most importantly, for our future.

I’ll lay it bare.

A year ago, it would have been easier to answer. I could have said that gold hitting $10,000 means the entire country is in hyperinflation.

I could have easily predicted that the countries will exercise some form of currency control but things changed so radically and so fast, the future is almost unpredictable. There are so many scenarios. Some of which feels more like it’s a plot point in a scifi instead of an actual social and economic analysis. There’s blockchain. Blockchain and the continuous crash of economies are motivating many to decentralizing money. 10 years from now, banks may actually be optional.

Technologies might really push oil to oblivion and the sun will really be the primary source of energy.

Physical retail stores might be converted to warehouses to allow faster home deliveries of goods when people’s retail default is online.

In person classes may be optional which will make research, instead of interaction, the center of education.

There are many other speculations but that’s all it is. Speculation. And if anyone says they know exactly what will happen, they are either pretending or lying.

We are in the midst of uncharted waters. Every ‘forecast’ is actually a best guess.

So, it’s almost useless to worry about it.

The only thing you can do is future proof your investments to ensure that you won’t lose the value of what you have now when the future arrives.

#1 Invest in metals.

Central Banks are on a gold buying spree. As they entangle from the US, countries are investing on gold knowing that the value will rise. It has everything going for it. You can’t overproduce gold. The earth has the gold that it has. No man can overprint gold and scarcity pushes a product’s value and the world will never stop needing gold, unlike specific currencies.

#2 Invest in Crypto.

The dollar is already crashing. You need to convert your investment into a currency that will not just keep its value but also be profitable. Although the Yuan is proving to be a close contender to the Dollar as the world’s reserve currency, it will still take decades China to complete the international economic connections it is starting.

Cryptos will be the international currency and buying early will guarantee that you will maximize any possible gains.

#3 Re examine your market investment

Risks are part of investment. We are not asking you to avoid it altogether. But be more cautious this time.

Take into consideration that consumer needs are changing. Buying processes are changing. And reexamine your risk tolerance.

Your main concern should be security so cut down on risks if necessary. Losing what you can possibly gain is way better than losing what you already have.

Prioritize safe haven investment, before taking risks.

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