Platinum on the Rise

Everyone is looking at gold and silver.

You might want to look around for a minute because Platinum is coming.

While gold and silver bull run has been mistakenly solely credited to the pandemic, platinum is being completely ignored.

This is good for existing platinum investors. More for them but not good for those who are just starting to look into how to diversify and protect their existing investment.

It wouldn’t be much of a diversification if your options are limited, would it?

Platinum’s rise will be driven by its industrial demand. It is best known for autocatalysts. A catalytic converter is installed in a vehicle’s exhaust lines, between the engine and muffler, where it moderates the dangerous qualities of exhaust.

They can also convert pollutants from diesel exhaust into carbon dioxide and water vapor, which is immensely helpful in reducing pollution but another emerging use of platinum is for our brain.

It can keep us sane… quite literally.

It is the primary component for Neuromodulation devices. Think of it as a “brain pacemaker”.

An article by Alison Cowley, published by the Johnson Matthey Technology Review, said that it can send electrical signals to the central nervous system, a process which can help manage and treat a slew of chronic conditions.

Examples of such devices include hearing aids and nerve stimulation devices. Platinum is used because of its ability to conduct electricity and high level of biocompatibility.

Platinum is used for devices to treat chronic conditions, hearing loss, Parkinson’s Disease, chronic pain, and a whole lot more. It is also used as a spinal cord stimulator.

Research to improve these devices continue and as the design becomes more sophisticated, the demand for platinum will grow with it.

Our desire is for these diseases to be cured, of course, with or without platinum but as investors, it’s time to look at platinum. It is the unique qualities of the metal that’s making these technologies possible.

Unless other metals miraculously copy the characteristics of platinum, it will continue to be in demand.

The world is becoming more practical and appreciation for metals is going beyond jewelries.

Bank on it.

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