Perth Mint 1oz Gold Bar

Since they started minting gold in 1899, Perth Mint in Australia have grown to become very popular for their record breaking products. The consistently high quality of their products ensure that their products quickly become very popular as soon as they are produced, and the 1oz Gold Bar is no exception. In fact, this coin was said to be the purest gold bullion in the year 1957, and it has since then built on this reputation to become one of the most sought gold bullions by coin collectors and gold bullion investors today.

The gold bar has nice designs all over it as the obverse of the coin features the swan logo that is symbolic of Australia’s history of gold mining. On the downside of the bar are engravings stating the specifications of the bar, such as the purity level, weight and metal content. Finally, the reverse of the gold bar has engravings of one of the animals that the country is well known for, the kangaroo. This image is repeatedly arranged horizontally on that side of the bar. In composition, the 31.104gram (1oz) bar is made of nothing but pure gold, which easily helps it attain a purity level of 99.99%

If the remarkable beauty of this bar does not first attract one, the security and authenticity feature is sure to make one’s head turn. Each bar is packaged with an assay card that holds the serial number of the bar which is used to verify the authenticity of the bar. This is a method that Perth Mint employ to make sure that dealers of this gold bar can tell a counterfeit from an authentic. As a proof of the gold bar’s worldwide recognition, the Perth Mint 1oz gold bar is IRA eligible, meaning that it can be accepted as a form of retirement saving for an IRA account.

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