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Noble Gold Investments has obtained some of the most sought after collectible coins, desired by investors across the globe. These rare coins aren’t just an investment, they are literal pieces of history with each coin carrying it’s own unique story.

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About our coins and collections

Graded and certified

Every single one of our coins has been independently graded and certified by the Numismatic Guarantee Corporation (NGC) or the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) and comes in a sealed holder.

Hand picked by experts

Each coin in our collection has been chosen and handpicked by expert numismatics to guarantee you are receiving the highest quality product.

4 Piece Indian - St Gauden Set (MS63)

This set features 4  solid gold coins steeped rich with American history. Finding these coins together makes this set highly sought after by investors and collectors alike.

1928 $2.50 N63 o081
1928 $2.50 Indian Head

The Indian Head Quarter Eagle was first minted in 1908. This coin was sculpted by Boston artist Bela Lyon Pratt. What is special about this specific year, is 1928 proved to be the penultimate year of coinage for the quarter eagle. Soon after this coin was produced, Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon suspended all further production after he found that the coin was rarely being used in circulation. This coin is well struck with a frosty luster and remarkably clean surfaces.

1909 Indian Head $5
1909 $5 Indian Head

First minted in the early 1900s, the $5 Indian Head did not stay in production very long. With a total production time of just under 20 years, there aren’t very many high quality 1909 $5 Indian Head coins on the market. With this coin being over 100 years old, it’s hard to find this coin in good condition. You have the opportunity to own one of just a handful 1909 Indian Head $5 in fantastic condition.

1932 $10 P64 o077
1932 $10 Indian Head

The Indian $10 gold coin was incredibly popular during its day, and is still hugely popular amongst investors in the United States and across the globe. This coin had a big face value for it’s day, but was still small enough that it was widely circulated and used by many. This heavy circulation combined with the coin’s popularity with collectors means that few 1907 $10 Indian Heads remain in pristine condition. As time goes on, it’s is going to be incredibly difficult to obtain this coin.

1927 $20 P64 o079
1927 $20 St. Gauden

The 1923 St. Gaudens $20 is one of the most beautiful and sought after coins on the earth. Made by the same designer who sculpted the $10 Indian Head Coin, this coin features Lady Liberty carrying an olive branch in one hand, and a torch in the other. The reverse of this coin features an eagle flying above the sun.

4pc Gold Indian Gift Box

Special collectors box included

This 4 set collection comes complete with it's own special mahogany collectors box complete with lock and key.

Verified, certified, and graded

Each coin in this collection has been independently verified, certified, and graded to ensure you are receiving the highest quality products.

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1854 Kellogg $20 coin (AU53)

Born out of the heart of the California Gold Rush, this coin is a collectors dream and a piece of American history

1855 $20 Kellogg P58 obvCU291
Front Side
1855 $20 Kellogg P58 revCU293
Reverse Side

The unique story behind the iconic 1854 kellogg $20

In the early 1850s, the west was seeing huge economic growth as a result of the California Gold Rush. While Gold was flowing out of the mines, settlers, miners, and natives of California were unimpressed by the coins produced by private minting firms and proposed the state establish an assay office (Assay offices are institutions that test the purity of metals to protect consumers). California citizens wanted a way to regulate the gold flowing into the economy.

Many southern states opposed the establishment of a California mint because they didn’t want the competition. Regardless of the opposition, a bill providing for a US Assay Office to be established in San Francisco was passed on September 30, 1850. They were initially only authorized to issue denominations of $50 to $10,000, but there was a huge demand for more practical denominations. A deal was struck to produce $10 and $20 coins through a contract with Moffat & Co.

For a number of reasons, both political and economic, by mid 1853 circulating coinage had fallen to critical levels. Regulations put in place by the Assay Office had discredited virtually all private miners, and even coins that were deemed legitimated faced melting and exportation. It was at this time that former lawyer John G. Kellogg and assayer G.F. Richter opened a gold melting and assaying office in December 1853. Regional banks including Wells Fargo & Com. wrote to the newly established Kellogg & Richter pleading for them to “supply the vacuum” by issuing their own private coin.

In a letter dated January 31, 1854, Kellogg replied stating their private coins would be issued within 10 days! An thus, on February 9th, 1854 the first Kellogg $20 coins were issued! Production of the Kellogg & Co. coin continued through 1855 with Kellogg claiming approximately $20 million worth of coins had been struck.

This handsome 1854 Kellogg $20 coin is a part of California and American History. This coin is a warm honey-gold color with bronze hues in the protected areas. The Kellogg $20 is uniformly rendered and bold throughout, traces of mint luster are seen within the most intricate central elements on each side.

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Morgan Silver Dollars (NGC MS68)

These specific Morgan Silver Dollars are especially rare because they are uncirculated

1879 Morgan Silver Dollar

1879-S $1 N68 obv098
Front Side
1879-S $1 N68 rev099
Reverse Side

The Morgan Silver Dollar was minted from 1878 to 1904, and then again in 1921. Not all Morgan Silver Dollars are created equal, and here you have a chance to own coins from when they first started production. This coin is named after its designer, United States Mint Assistant Engraver George T. Morgan.

The design of this coin is especially interesting because Morgan aimed to depict an American woman on the coin for the first time, instead of the usual Greek Style profile. Morgan’s friend, artist Thomas Eakins, suggested he use Anna Willess Williams of Philadelphia as a model. In total, Morgan had five sittings with Williams; he declared her profile to be the most perfect he had seen.

The first Morgan Silver Dollar was coined at 3:17pm on March 11th, 1878 and was given as a gift to President Hayes. Production of the Morgan Silver Dollar took place in Philadelphia and eventually spread to San Francisco, Carson City, New Orleans, and Denver.

These MS68 Morgan Silver Dollars are especially rare because they are uncirculated, which means they have never been sold and are in pristine condition. Coined in 1879 and 1881, you can now put these iconic American coins in you collection.

1881 Morgan Silver Dollar

1881-S $1 N68 obv097
Front Side
1881-S $1 N66 rev096
Reverse Side

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