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Will Silver Push Above $50?

Not only will silver’s monetary side will shine bright in 2021 in an environment where the U.S. dollar is driven lower by rising inflation pressure and low interest rates, but Hansen also said in his report that industrial demand and the green energy revolution will be an essential factor for silver.

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How Gold Will Become The Most Important Metal In The World

Gold has been used in science and a variety of ways for hundreds of years. One of the most common usages is in old timepieces. Watches and clocks were essential tools for navigation and timekeeping before the advent of GPS and modern atomic clocks we take for granted. These instruments were both delicate and complicated and the components needed to be reliable and accurate.

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Students & Beginners Investment Tips

Young investors, student investors, or just those new to investing in general stay away from gold primarily because it doesn’t seem to be a profitable investment. It has always been perceived as a safe haven investment, something of a hedge against inflation and economic downturns.

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Gold Has Outperformed Stocks in the Last 40 Years

Long ago, the U.S. had a gold standard. This meant people could exchange their dollars for a fixed amount of gold. If I have my way, I would like to reinstate the gold standard. Why? Because the gold standard is rigid… unbending… uncompromising.

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Gold IRA vs Gold ETF vs Gold Stocks

There are different ways to own gold. You can buy gold and keep it in your home or a safe or wherever you may please. You can buy stocks of a mining company. There is also a gold ETF, gold futures, and gold IRA. So, how is one different from the other?

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