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When Will Bitcoin Reach $15,000?

Bitcoin has been hovering around the 11,000 mark for some time now but many experts aren’t too excited about it getting to $12000. They think it’s a given. $15,000 is what they think to be the next.

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Electric Vehicle: Silver will take over our streets

Future of Silver as an Investment

In 2018, the global electric car fleet exceeded 5.1 million, up 2 million from the previous year. With policies being set up to encourage EV manufacturing, oil consumption could take a major hit in the coming years.

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Platinum will start its bull run

Platinum on the Rise

Everyone is looking at gold and silver but you might want to look around for a minute because Platinum is coming.
While gold and silver bull run has been mistakenly solely credited to the pandemic, platinum is being completely ignored.

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Silver headed to $1000.00

Make Room for Silver

Silver is headed to $1,000.
That’s what Avi Gilber, financial adviser and journalist, said. Based on the same methodology he used to successfully predict the tops and bottoms of gold, he sees silver going to $1000 in 50 years.

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Stocks vs. Metals

Precious Metals vs. Stocks

Precious metals have a limited supply, which means sustained demand. Gold is more prominent, but other industrial-used metals, such as platinum, have a variety of uses in new technology such as hardware that runs cloud software.

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