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Advantages Of A Gold Standard

Steve Forbes of Forbes magazine argued that thate Excessive monetary stimulus, a by-product of an “undisciplined” fiat money system, will create problems for our economy as well as financial distortions.

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How Metals Will Help Avoid Another Pandemic

A fleet of six Scout robots began their working life by delivering packages to Amazon Prime customers in the Snohomish County of Washington, in early 2019. The robots continued to operate through the coronavirus pandemic. From late-July, Amazon expanded its Scout trials to Atlanta, Georgia and Franklin, Tennessee.

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Mining the Ocean for Gold

We’ve talked about how desperate the world is becoming for gold. Gone are the days when gold is just for jewelry. Gold is now used to cure cancer and other diseases. It is used for the covid19 vaccine. It is used to produce oxygen on Mars and many others.

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Will Silver Push Above $50?

Not only will silver’s monetary side will shine bright in 2021 in an environment where the U.S. dollar is driven lower by rising inflation pressure and low interest rates, but Hansen also said in his report that industrial demand and the green energy revolution will be an essential factor for silver.

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How Gold Will Become The Most Important Metal In The World

Gold has been used in science and a variety of ways for hundreds of years. One of the most common usages is in old timepieces. Watches and clocks were essential tools for navigation and timekeeping before the advent of GPS and modern atomic clocks we take for granted. These instruments were both delicate and complicated and the components needed to be reliable and accurate.

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