Pamp Suisse 100gm Gold Bar

hese PAMP Suisse 100 gm Gold bars are in the classic loaf style. Each bar is unique, unlike any other due to their hand-poured nature

Coin History

The PAMP Suisse 100gm gold bar is a cast gold bar that was manufactured by one of the best manufacturers of precious metals in the world, PAMP Suisse. Based in Switzerland, their expertise and magnificent product quality extends to every other part of the world and the 100gm cast gold bar is a proof that they are as good as their reputation. The 24 karat cast gold bar is different from minted gold bars in that cast gold bars do not go through the rigorous processes that mint bars go through during production. The cast gold bars are simply made my filling a mold with molten gold just as one would pour flour into a baking pan. The mint gold bars on the other hand go through four long processes before become finished products. As a result of this difference, cast gold bars are generally cheaper than mint gold bars in the precious metals market.

In design, cast gold bars may not usually be as beautiful as mint gold bars but the PAMP Suisse 100gm gold bar is unique in its own way. While the reverse of the gold bar has no inscription on it, the obverse of the gold bar features the logo of the manufacturer, PAMP Suisse, on the top with ‘ESSAYEUR FONDEUR’ inscribed just below it. After those come inscriptions of the weight (100gm), the purity level (999.9) and the certificate number.

The certificate number on each gold bar allows for an easy tracing of the gold bar while the assay card that also comes with each gold bar stands as a proof of authenticity. The PAMP Suisse 100gm gold bar is composed of nothing but gold, giving it a purity level of .9999. Also, the gold bar is IRA eligible, meaning it can be used as a form of retirement savings of IRA accounts.

History of gold

The allure of gold has fired the human imagination for centuries. When looking at the gold narrative, what strikes us, is the remoteness of the ancient examples commonly used – and we thought it was time to bring the story of gold up to date and to make it more local.

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