Identifying an Authentic Valuable Coin

Natural resources are often the source of wealth of different countries. Middle Eastern countries have oil. Russia has the largest deposit of natural gas and timber.

In the ancient times, Lydia had electrum. Now part of modern-day Turkey, Lydia for example, uses its electrum to mint coins.

Electrum is what is produced when alluvial deposits of gold get mixed with silver and copper. The earliest coins made of electrum had a standardized 55% gold, 45% silver and 1-2% copper concentration.

The kings of Lydia amassed a substantial fortune by minting coins from these deposits.

One of the first coins they minted is the Lydian Lion. It is widely considered the oldest coin in the world. These coins predate ancient Greek coinage.

Accurate dates of when these coins were minted are debated. Some dates go as far back as 700 BCE. But it is most commonly believed that they emerged under the reign of King Alyattes, who ruled Lydia c. 610 – 550 BCE.

It had a design on one side only, a result of the primitive method of manufacture.

This ancient stater was hand struck. A die with a design of a lion’s head for the obverse. A blank piece of metal was placed on top of the die, and a punch hammered onto the reverse. The result was a coin with an image on one side and a punch mark on the other.

There are Lyndian Lion coins in the market but authentication is difficult. It is extremely easy for modern metallurgy to produce coins that look like they were minted in 546BC.

Although it’s highly exciting to get your hands on an ancient coin, we suggest that you take the safer route and invest in certified coins if you’re looking to put your money on a bullion.

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