How is Gold Building the Future?

Several years ago, Apple discovered a way to make tens of millions of dollars off of old, broken, unwanted iPhones. They started accepting old iphones, macs, iPads and other products for trade in. What they got is $40 million worth of gold.

Not that they needed it.

All of our mobile devices, computers, ipads and other electronic devices use gold. Chances are, if you open the device and see something gold, it’s gold.

Gold is used in mobile phones and other electronic devices because it is a great conductor of electricity, highly averse to corrosion and an excellent conductor of electricity.

Even if silver is actually the best conductor, it corrodes easily. Copper is super-cheap, but it moves electrons too slowly for some of the most important computing tasks. Gold solves those two problems.

Gold connectors are used for transmitting digital data fast and accurately. That is the entire essence of cellphones, computers, and just about every communication device.

Without gold, no data may be transmitted efficiently.

Just another reason gold’s value is going up and will continue to go up.

As the world readjusts and finds its new normal, companies are setting up employees to be able to set up offices in their own homes. Data security, processing, and other communications devices are being developed and improved to guarantee connection despite distance.

The key to improving data processing in every device is gold.

Many underestimate the importance of gold in different industries because only a small amount of gold is used in every device. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, it was estimated that there are 0.034 grams of gold in each cell phone. That’s the equivalent of 0.001 troy ounces, worth about $2.50 at today’s prices but in one quarter alone, Apple sells over 50 million phones.

Do you know how much gold they need? That’s just one company, one product, one quarter.

This is why gold should be a permanent fixture of your portfolio. Its value will continue to rise because of its industrial uses. Make sure to allocate a significant amount of portfolio to metals too.

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