How Inflation Affects Your Retirement

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I was a kid when I first realized money is trash. Specifically, cash is trash. 

I wanted a new pair of basketball shoes. I found one that was about $50. My parents said I needed to earn the $50 I would need to buy it. 

They made me do extra errands for a dollar. It took me a month to finally save $50. My dad took me to the store only to find that the cheapest pair is now $65.

That’s inflation for you. What your $50 can buy in the past will cost you more in the future.  

It’s not a huge deal now but I was a kid who worked my behind off for something really important to me. 

It was sickening. 

I don’t remember what happened next, but I do remember my dad patiently explaining to me why my money was worthless and why it’s important to not look at the quantity but the value of what I had. 

We have been programmed to believe that inflation is “just something that happens” in an economy. It’s inevitable and we need to make plans around it. 

It isn’t. 

Inflation is a result of policy, wrong policies. 

The government likes spending its way out of problems. They have interests to protect. Images they need to maintain. When something happens, they just print money. 

People receive the money, politicians look good. But that does not solve any of our problems. It does not improve our GDP. It does not empower small businesses to keep their businesses open. It does not open new businesses. It does not move to manufacture back to the US. 

That’s why I got into gold. 

Gold stores the value of my money. I know that if I convert my cash into gold when I retire, that gold will be just as powerful, if not more powerful, as the cash I used to buy it. 

The authorities are right. Inflation will always happen but not because that’s the natural course of things. 

It will keep on happening because they are making it happen. 

Don’t get caught empty-handed When the US dollar’s true nature as just another worthless fiat currency is made painfully obvious to all. 

Or put another way, diversifying into monetary metals is gold, silver, and platinum. And the time to do that is before the house catches fire.

A day late can be way too late. 

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