How Fractional Ownership Can Help Young People Build Wealth

I see a trend in the general financial services industry – which is trickling down into the gold space – and this is the trend towards smallness. By this, I mean fractional ownership. 

In the same way that Robin Hood has made shares look attractive to younger people because they don’t have to invest so much – outfits like Acorns are doing the same in the precious metals space. They’re saying you don’t have to have a huge investment to take part in gold and silver. 

I wouldn’t necessarily agree with that because of the charges – but it’s undoubtedly a trend.

Central banks will drive the agenda next year. Across the world, they have subsidized and printed trillions of dollars – and all of this is somehow going to be paid back when millions are unemployed, and bankruptcies are at an all-time high, with no tax take coming in. 

In October 2020, US national debt reached a new high of $27 trillion. That’s an increase of almost 36% in less than four years. Washington’s only recourse will be to look at gold-backed currencies – a reversion to the gold standard – even if this doesn’t happen next year it will certainly be at the forefront of discussions. This will probably push gold over the $2,000 level.

The last trend I’d mention is that of safety. Financially and socially, I can’t remember the world being such a dangerous place. The age of our reliance on banks and governments to sort out our problems Is coming to an end – governments can’t afford social care and pensions anymore – and banks are going to be hammered by the fallout from coronavirus. 

I can see many failing next year and going forward. People are beginning to wise up to the advantages of having a safety net of physical precious metals around to barter with and act as security. This will be a big trend in next several years. 

So, don’t get left behind. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable while others keep themselves safe. Invest in gold to hedge yourself against inflation or any economic downturn. 

Thankfully, we have enough gold for you.  

Our team is set up for all eventualities in our company, and we have systems in place to safeguard our client information. Ordering and administration are done remotely – and fully insured deliveries are still made to homes or vaults. We take photographs or videos of people’s metals when they arrive, so you have a record of them.

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