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Inflation is on the rise and investing in a Gold IRA will help your portfolio and you guard against inflation. Just last month, inflation hit a 6 year high. The cost of goods and services is now rising steadily, and the impact is being felt across the United States. Unfortunately, it gets worse.

Record inflation will continue to rise

For years, the interest rate has been artificially low. We have recently seen the Feds raise rates, and now they’re considering raising them multiple times a year. This is bad news for those concerned about inflation. As interest rates continue to rise, so will the rate of inflation and as lending becomes more expensive, so will the cost of goods and services.

Since President Trump came into office, we’ve seen the unemployment rate plummet and wages increase. More jobs and better earnings are great for the economy, but they are not good for the inflation rate. Economists have worried for months that the economy is overheating, and all of these points indicate they are correct. With the lowest unemployment rate in decades, all the signals point towards runaway inflation.

HOW I CAN GUARD against inflation WITH GOLD?

What does it even mean to “guard against inflation?” Essentially, gold is an alternative investment which isn’t directly impacted by the fluctuations of the markets allowing you to keep your investments steady and relatively stress free.

There is one way to truly protect yourself against such inflation – investing in precious metals. Investing in gold and silver will give you a hedge against runaway inflation.

With wages rising, many Americans have a false sense of security. The truth is, most of the gains you see will be counteracted by this rising inflation rate. It is essential you diversify your portfolio by rolling a percentage of your savings into a Gold or Silver IRA – or you will find yourself in trouble.

To discover more about investing in Gold or Silver, download our comprehensive Gold and Silver Guide.

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