Gold Survival Packs will save your from a financial apocalypse

A warning about investing in gold

There are lots of myths and misunderstandings about gold and other precious metals – one of the biggest points of confusion is about using gold as an investment vehicle rather than as a store of value or insurance against risk – let’s explain.

We’ve all watched disaster movies – the ones where there are very few people left on the planet and everyone is fighting each other for food and shelter.

Financial Apocalypse

I don’t know if you’ve noticed some of the footage coming out of China at the moment – but it’s looking more and more like one of these movies – for real. Now think about it – what happens if all the systems you’re used to go down? 

The banks have collapsed – they’re not operational – you have no access to your money – and your money is worthless anyway because the government has ceased to function and the country is under martial law. A couple of months ago you might have laughed at this scenario – but look at the empty streets in China – the lockdown is affecting more people than the total population of the US. 

This is now a real situation for over 500 million people. Whole cities are being sprayed with chemicals to stop the spread of the coronavirus – and people are wandering around in “HazChem” suits like it’s completely normal. 

Gold Survival Packs

It can’t end well can it? Now – one of the largest parts of our business is our survival packs – these are stocks of gold and silver coin, and bullion, specially selected for such situations. We use only the most recognizable and exchangeable metals in these packs. 

We have never sold these as an investment vehicle. These are what they say on the lid. They’re survival packs. They’re there for when all else fails – to use on the black market – to barter with – to exchange for goods and services when paper money becomes worthless.

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