Will Robotics Displace Humans?

Drones and Robots used to sound like concepts from Steven Spielberg and George Lucas’ minds. 

Now, not only is it ordinary to see flying cameras above you when walking in a park, these devices are already proving their potential as major contributors to business and everyday life. 

Covid-19 limits human contact and this is accelerating the adoption and development of robots and drones.  

According to the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, industrial robots—or devices programmed to conduct repetitive manufacturing tasks—have been around for almost 60 years. 

However, it wasn’t until the more sophisticated use of artificial intelligence (AI) that modern robots acquired more advanced capabilities. 

Today, drones are used for filmmaking, photography, security surveillance, weather and environmental monitoring. 

Robots are developing too. They used to be children’s toys. Now, they are replacing human limbs, performing repetitive tasks, and it will most likely take over delivery service. 

Industry analyst Technavio forecasts a growth in the autonomous delivery robot market of almost $17 billion between 2020 and 2024.

Robotics will most likely help our homes too. 

High-functioning robots available 24/7 could help in a variety of jobs, like cleaning or opening doors. 

From a medical perspective, they could test vital signs, dispense medication or call for emergency assistance. 

There’s also sanitation robots—those specifically adapted for cleaning and disinfecting public spaces. 

And that’s not even half the list. 

Noble gold is not in the business of robotics but we are in the business of metals… and metals are needed in robotics and AI. 

Processors in computers, data centers, and other parts in any computing device need gold and silver. 

If robotics in delivery service is bound to become a $17 Billion industry in the next five years, imagine robotics in other industries. 

This is about to blow up and metals will be in the center of it. 

We’ve always advised you to invest in the future. Read up on robotics, drones, AI… more importantly, read up on the roles of metals in the future we are building. 

Call us and we will help you examine your portfolio to make it future-proof. 

Oh, and don’t worry, no robots will be answering the phone. 

In that aspect, we choose to be old fashioned. Humans only. 

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