Digital is the New Oil

High-flying video conferencing service Zoom overtook ExxonMobil’s market valuation last year. 

Zoom sported a market valuation of $139 billion, compared to Exxon’s $138.9 billion. Yes, it is not much but a year ago, this is unthinkable. This goes to show just how radical the market is shifting and how consumer needs and consumption are changing. 

And these are the developments successful always watch out for – market shifts resulting from actual consumption change instead of speculation or investor manipulation. 

Exxon announced that it would lay off 1,900 U.S. employees.

Zoom founder Eric Yuan, on the other hand, has seen his own fortune nearly double over the past three months. 

Yuan’s fortune has soared in tandem with Zoom’s business. Zoom is one of the best performing stocks in 2020. 

I know that many naysayers will claim that the rise of online services such as Zoom is seasonal. Once covid goes away, their value goes away. 

This is what sets great investors from good ones. Great investors look at triggers and determine whether its effects are here to stay and bet on it. 

Zoom and other services of its kind make operations and communications more efficient which equates to money. These services also make geographical limitations obsolete which is really what you want if you’re running and growing a business. 

We have no control over pandemics or the speed by which vaccines are created. What we can control is how we operate our business. 

And that includes making sure you are pandemic proof. 

We are not saying you shouldn’t invest in oil anymore. We are not financial advisors. We’re simply providing your relevant information that could affect investments in general. 

And developments show that there are new big players in town. It’s all about breaking geographical barriers now. It’s all about speed. It’s all about keeping everything and everyone safe. 

You should apply it to your investments. Don’t forget to regularly reevaluate your allocations and consult a financial adviser. 

And of course, don’t forget to protect your investments. The economy is still volatile and will remain so for decades. And there is no better way to protect your investments than with gold. 

It has weathered all economic disasters including the last one. You don’t get any safer than that. 

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