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Did my research

Dec 5, 2016

" I did online research about gold IRA companies. I read about Noble on a gold advisor site and decided to speak with them. Their customer service has been top notch and I am glad that I found them. Collin was happy to answer questions about my account. I recommend them because I had a good experience overall." - Geraldine M.

Collin Plume

Aug 17, 2016

" I found Collin to be very professional and informative. I felt very comfortable with his handling of my account and communication " - Charles L.

Collin Plume

" I am a new investor. Collin made me feel very secure with his guidance. Collin made the purchase quickly and without any problems. " - Eugene L.

Collin Plume

" When looking into purchasing coins, I talked to Collin over the course of a few months. He was very knowledge and patient with me as I decided what to purchase and when to purchase. The process went very smooth and the coins arrived in a timely manner. The communication through email and phone was prompt and kind. " - Kristi S.

Collin made it easy!

" I was really nervous about moving my money. Collin was able to answer all my questions, was available to speak to every time I called, and made me felt reassured. The whole process seemed simple, thank you " - Angela B.


buyback program

People change their minds, circumstances and goals - we understand - and for that reason we offer a no quibble, buyback program for any deal that we complete.

fastest shipping

There is nothing worse - when you have spent a lot of money on something - than not receiving it. At Noble Gold we promise fast and efficient delivery of your metals.

BEST prices

We deal with a range of suppliers - we have relationships with them that have been built up over many years. We trust them implicitly - and promise to get you the best prices in the market.

Experience Matters

Hindsight - in investment - is a wonderful thing. Buy from us - and along with it, you buy our experience and knowledge - we have seen it all before - we know the pitfalls - and how to avoid them.

5 star reviews

Noble Gold has a track record which is second to none. This is clear when you look through the reviews our customers have given us over the years - 5-star service - guaranteed.

guide & educate

Investment of any kind is complicated - there are so many comparisons and calculations to be made. We want you to be sure you have made the right choice - we will help you every step of the way.

no high pressure sales

The reason we set up Noble Gold in the first place was because we were fed up with our industry and its less savory practices. We will never hard sell - because we don’t need to.

personal touch

Join us and you join a community of like-minded people - all just wanting a better future for themselves and their families. Throwing money away is not a plan - not one we use anyway.

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