U.S. NATIONAL DEBT: $19,724,074,749,065.12 Why should I Care?

Ransomware attack ‘like having a Tomahawk missile stolen’…

… is what Brad Smith, Microsoft president and chief legal officer, said on Sunday about the ongoing cyber attack that has caused so much damage across the globe over the last couple of days. Computer crime agencies throughout the world are scrambling to find a solution to what is believed to be a malicious software … Continued

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China steps up production of solar panels

  There’s silver (panels) in them there hills … Bloomberg recently published an article saying China had stepped up production of solar panels. It needs to … China is one of the most polluted countries in the world. The air in cities like Beijing is unbreathable for most of the year. Thick smog hangs across … Continued

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Noble Gold Investments Secures Exclusive Access to Texas IRA Depository

Original press release on PRWeb New depository provides secure facility for IRA-approved precious metal investments   Noble Gold Investments, a provider of IRA-approved precious metal investments, announced its exclusive access to the IDS Depository in the Dallas, Texas area. The depository is the first of its kind in the region and will provide IRA precious … Continued

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Silver Bullion Bars and Price Chart

Silver up 9% – more to come?

Because we are called Noble Gold Investments clients do tend to think of us in terms of gold. Poor old silver tends to be a bit ignored. Right now though – it would be huge mistake to overlook silver – here’s why …     The Silver Institute (one of the trusted sources we pay … Continued

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mixture of silver and golden coins with different nominal value and size

Looking Good For Gold … And Silver

It is all looking great for gold and silver in the first part of 2017. In a weekly Wall Street survey traders and analysts were asked for their outlook about gold prices – 59% of them see gold prices rising, and are very bullish about the prospects for gold during the remainder of the year. … Continued

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