U.S. NATIONAL DEBT: $19,724,074,749,065.12 Why should I Care?

And Now – On With The Show …

Just like last week, and probably for many weeks to come, the news is again dominated by Donald Trump. His swearing in and inauguration was watched throughout the world with a mixture of trepidation, and morbid fascination. Trump’s term starts with America in a precarious situation on lots of fronts. The most serious of these … Continued

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“Historic” Doesn’t Quite Cover It …

The news this week is, of course, utterly dominated by the inauguration of Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States. There is a mixture of trepidation and anticipation worldwide, as everyone looks for signals about what the next four years will bring Never has an elected candidate caused so much soul-searching and comment. … Continued

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Prince Reportedly Hoarded Gold Bars, but Who Will Inherit Them?

source: Vanity Fair The icon formerly known as Prince died in late April last year, but the managers of his estate are still busy assessing his assets. Bremer Trust, which the Carver County District Court appointed to administer the performer’s estate, has only begun to itemize everything that Prince owned. One thing that sticks out … Continued

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Let’s Make It A Good One …

2017 looks set to be a humdinger of a year. Since we set up Noble Gold, we have advised hundreds of clients on the ways in which they can profit from the uncertainty in the markets, and on the safety gold provides in such turbulence. This same uncertainty, and the associated volatility, look likely to … Continued

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Treasure hunters claim they’re close to finding $63.5 billion in stolen Nazi treasure in Czech town

First it was Poland, where a lust for contraband led failed digs for stolen Nazi gold.  Now it’s the Czech Republic, where amateur sleuths claim they’re close to unearthing $63.5 billion in Nazi treasure. Nazi gold fever has taken over Štěchovice, site of a former SS pioneer school, where the hunt is on for chests … Continued

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