U.S. NATIONAL DEBT: $19,724,074,749,065.12 Why should I Care?

Gold is Gold – In Any Language

Here at Noble Gold we spend our time studying the markets – stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies – you name it … We see so many statistics, graphs, charts and illustrations, we tend to become a bit detached about them all. They are just tools we use. We understand them. We understand their implications, and projections. … Continued


Bonds, Yield Curves, Recession Oh My!

Let me start by saying this report took some time, it wasn’t just an afterthought, or a marathon session of caffeine, and sifting through a few government reports and “indicators”. So this is not a quick jog down the rabbit hole, but rather a detailed map, which attempts to show how to avoid a mega … Continued


What lies behind the Chinese yuan?

China is a fascinating land – an ancient culture which goes back thousands of years – often misinterpreted, never fully understood; the country is certainly entering the 21st-century in an explosive way. A strange mix – China is run by a communist dictatorship, yet increasingly runs along capitalist lines – when it suits the leaders agendas. … Continued


Why is Shiller’s ratio so helpful for gold?

When you first encounter a title like, “The Shiller, cyclically adjusted, price/earnings (P/E) ratio,” you could be forgiven for thinking you had stumbled across a quantum physics theorem, rather than something explaining investment terms. One of the most important things investment advisors emphasize, is the need for financial education. Lack of economic knowledge is the … Continued


Can You Get Back On Course – With A Self-Directed IRA?

In his book, “Carrying The Fire,” Mike Collins, the command module pilot of Apollo 11, reckoned on their historic journey to the moon and back, the spacecraft was completely off course over 80% of the time. The on-board computers (which had less punch than an iPhone does today) and astro-navigation systems, had so many variables … Continued

Diversify your portfolio with a GOLD IRA

Start a Gold IRA Rollover with your 401k, 403b, 457b, ROTH, TSP, SEP, SIMPLE, TRA, or TSA