U.S. NATIONAL DEBT: $19,724,074,749,065.12 Why should I Care?
Cash Isn't King Anymore

Cash Isn’t King Anymore

In our last blog post, we looked at the way in which the strength of the dollar has been depleted by inflation, and the possible introduction of of world money. In this article we are going to look at the push towards a cashless society – how it started, what it means for your investments, … Continued


How To Survive Financially – From A Frog …

Just imagine, for a second, putting a frog into a saucepan full of water, just high enough to cover its body. Then imagine lighting the gas, and watching the scene as the temperature of the water starts to rise. At first the frog adjusts its body temperature to cope with the increasing temperature of the … Continued

Vector illustration of several dollar currency signs on a roller coaster.

Dollar On Rollercoaster Ride

  Any new year brings with it uncertainty, chaos, and worry. To an extent, this is part of the whole practice of looking back and reflecting on the previous year and projecting forward in the same vein. 2017 looks like being no exception to this. It is an unprecedented start to a New Year for … Continued


The Dollar Dilemma – What Should You Do Now?

We just read this article from zerohedge.com – it’s a long and complicated read – but the basic thrust of it is that the markets have the dollar completely wrong. Investors really need to understand that the establishment can be as mistaken in its forecasts, as the opinion polls were in theirs, regarding the presidential … Continued

Silver coins stacks arranged as a graph isolated on white background

Slumdog Silver Prices For India?

Remember that Oscar winning movie, Slumdog Millionaire? It tells the story of Jamal, an 18-year-old boy, from the worst slums in India. Jamal enters as a contestant in the television quiz program “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.” Because he does so well, the Indian authorities believe he is cheating. Their reasoning is, anyone from … Continued

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