Canadian Gold Maple Leaf

There are very few coins all around the world that beat these coins when it comes to purity. The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins have a purity value of 99.9999%, sometimes extending to 99.99999% (Yes, five nines behind the point). This means that the serrate-edged coins are pure gold and nothing less. On the obverse of the coins are an engraving of Queen Elizabeth II while the reverse has an engraving of the Canadian maple leaf.

Since the Royal Canadian Mint started producing the coins in 1979, the reverse of the coins has been subjected to improved security measures twice while the obverse engraving has been changed twice too. The first time for the reverse was in 2013 when microscopic engravings were added to the maple leaf. The second time was in 2015 when radial lines were added to the maple leaf. Initially, the obverse used to contain the side portrait picture of Lady Elizabeth II when she was just 39-years old. The picture was later changed to side portraits of the queen in 1990 and 2005 when she was 64 and 79 years old respectively.

The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins are produced in various denominations which include 1oz, 1gram, 1/25oz, 1/20oz, 1/10oz, 1/4ox and 1/2oz. As expected, the face values of these coins are way lesser than their intrinsic values. Or where on Earth would a 24 karat gold be sold for 50 Canadian Dollars, the highest face value of the denomination? However, the buyers of these coins all testify to the fact that the coins don’t really do well after consistent use over time, and they sometimes come with print marks at production. These flaws can be attributed to the fact that the coins are pure gold without any strengthening alloys.

An interesting thing about the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins is that they are not just accepted as legal tender in the country, they are also celebrated. This is evident in the production of variations of the coins to mark important occasions and events by the Royal Canadian Mint. These celebratory coin variations include the Hologram Gold Maple Leaf Coins, Olympic Gold Maple Leaf Coins and Colored Maple Leaf Coins among many others. However, these coins are only produced in limited qualities.

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