How to Invest for the Future

Clean technology or the creation of energy from renewable resources has always been seductive to investors… but they keep on getting their hearts broken. There’s something alluring with the prospect of ditching oil and turning to silver for energy.

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US Mint’s School Lunch MonMistake

Don Lutes, Jr., of Pittsfield, Massachusetts, found the bronze 1943 Lincoln cent in the change he was given at his school cafeteria in 1947. Lutes also got in touch with the Treasury Department about his find. Their standard reply simply read: "In regard to your recent inquiry, please be informed that copper pennies were not struck in 1943.

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Little Actual Utility

Gold is a decoration and not much else. That’s another claim critics love to make about gold. Many investors insist on investing in something that people will use like phones and search engines. Gold, on the other hand, is primarily for jewelries, not exactly something you will prioritize when push comes to shove. Wrong.

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Will Robotics Displace Humans?

Drones and Robots used to sound like concepts from Steven Spielberg and George Lucas' minds. Now, not only is it ordinary to see flying cameras above you when walking in a park, these devices are already proving their potential as major contributors to business and everyday life. Covid-19 limits human contact and this is accelerating the adoption and development of robots and drones.

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Blockchain is a 21st Century Answer to Your Financial Problems

As we’ve seen over the last few years, in countries worldwide, and even in the recent US election, people are losing faith and trust in the forms of democracy that exist in voting and election systems. The same is true of financial fraud and the security of investments and money. Blockchain technology Is a 21st-century answer to this problem.

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The Economy Is Not Recovering Fast Enough

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said that the economic recovery remains uncertain as the COVID-19 pandemic spreads unabated. He said and I quote, “The outlook remains highly uncertain, in part because it depends on controlling the spread and effects of the virus. There is a risk that the rapid initial gains from reopening may transition to a longer than expected slog back to full recovery as some segments struggle with the pandemic's continued fallout.”

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U.S. Dollar Is Crashing, Protect Your Investments

There’s a money printing party going on and the entire world is invited. EU just approved a $2.1 trillion budget. Bank of England added an additional $131.2 billion in asset purchases on June and our very own Feds announced on Wednesday that it would keep lending until the end of the year instead of ending it in September.

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Economic and Natural Disasters

Elections. Inflation. Wildfire. Earthquake. Pandemic. International tension. We are starting to get a lot of calls from clients asking for suggestions on what to do with their investment to make sure they weather these economic, political, and natural disasters.

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