Gold Is Amoral and Apolitical

Here we are. Election season. As if that is not enough, there’s this stimulus chaos, airline bailout struggle, and the ever present Covid19. Optimism over more federal fiscal aid has pushed the stock market and gold higher at the end the week.

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Where To Invest During Reccesion

The beauty industry has always been touted as the one industry that’s recession-proof. And you know what? That makes sense from the most basic of human psychology. When things are bad and you can’t do anything about it, you turn to the one thing you can control, yourself.

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Underperformance Or Outperformed?

SINCE THE DAYS OF THE ancients, gold has been a symbol of wealth. Kings, queens, emperors, rulers, and celebrities continue to use gold as a symbol of fortune and glamor. Perhaps it is this precise use that’s turning people away from gold investments. Even while billionaires, the latest of which is Buffett, show their faith in gold, many are still doubting it.

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Can Economic Policies Affect Gold’s Value?

Gold is used as a hedge against inflation. Even Warren Buffett, one of the biggest gold haters, sold his interests in some banks and shifted to gold recently but many are still arguing that the uncertain times could push the policy makers to make critical changes in Government’s fiscal policies and gold is the most vulnerable.

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How is Gold Building the Future?

Several years ago, Apple discovered a way to make tens of millions of dollars off of old, broken, unwanted iPhones. They started accepting old iphones, macs, iPads and other products for trade in. What they got is $40 million worth of gold.

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