Silver Coins And Silver Bars In A Mousetrap

The 5 oz America the Beautiful Silver Coins were originally minted for the purpose of honoring America’s beautiful National Parks, monuments of historical significance and national forests. In short, the coins were made to celebrate America as a whole. The 5 troy ounce coins are by far the biggest silver coins ever minted by the United States Mint. They were released in 2010.

The coins in the series have the same obverse design of the side portrait of America’s one-time president, George Washington, as created John Flannagan in 1932. They all have a face value of a quarter dollar which is inscribed below the image of the George Washington on the coin’s obverse. On top of the image is an inscription reading ‘UNITED STATES OF AMERICA’ while ‘LIBERTY’ and ‘IN GOD WE TRUST’ stand on either side of the portrait and ‘QUARTER DOLLAR’ beneath the image. The reverse of each coin in the series stands for a specific jurisdiction in the country by depicting images from national parks, monuments or forest that can only be found in that jurisdiction.

The United States Mint got the ball rolling in 2010 by releasing the first 5 coins in the series. Since then, 5 new designs have been, and will continue to be, added to the series every year until 2021. The order of release is in accordance with the sequence the national parks, forests or monuments were federally recognized. According to this sequence, the first 5 designs represented natural or historical sites from Arkansas, Wyoming, California, Arizona and Oregon. The second year featured designs representing sites in Pennsylvania, Montana, Washington, Mississippi and Oklahoma. The series will go on until all the sites in the country have been successfully represented. The last state that will be produced is Alabama.

The coins are made in two main versions – the bullion and uncirculated versions. There are three main differences between these two versions. The first difference being the uncirculated version comes with a certificate of authenticity, while the bullion version does not. The second difference is that the uncirculated version has a matte finish while the bullion version has a shiny finish. The final difference is the uncirculated coins having a “P” mark beneath the ‘IN GOD WE TRUST’ inscription on the obverse – the bullion coins do not have this. The mark signifies the coin being struck at the Philadelphia mint.

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