2018 Gold & Precious Metals Investing Checklist

2018 Gold & Precious Metals Investing Checklist

Investing in Gold and other precious metals in 2018 can be overwhelming. With inflation on the rise & an unstable and over-inflated stock market, many investors across the United States are looking for security in precious metals, however many don’t know where to begin.

At Noble Gold Investments, our main goal is to educate investors on the options available to them in a no-pressure environment. That is why we decided to create a checklist for those considering investing in gold in 2018.

Here are some of the main points you should consider:

1 – How much of your portfolio should be in precious metals?

Choosing the right amount to invest in gold, silver, platinum, or palladium varies greatly from person to person. Each person has their own unique needs and it’s important to make a decision that is right for you. For example, a person nearing retirement who doesn’t want a repeat of 2008 when the market crashed and so many Americans lost their retirement may want to invest more in gold for increased stability. Versus someone who is younger who is looking to precious metals as a hedge against inflation may invest a different percentage. It is important to talk to a Gold IRA expert and learn what options make sense for you and your family.

2 – Does your Gold IRA company have segregated storage?

Segregated storage means that your metals are kept securely in the vault, separate from everyone else. This makes sure your metals are safe regardless of what may happen. To many investors, this may seem obvious but be warned! There are many Gold IRA providers that do not offer segregated storage. This means that your metals are mixed in with everyone else. At Noble Gold Investments, we ensure our investor’s precious metals are safely secured in their own segregated storage at all times.

3 – Have you checked the Gold IRA firm’s reviews and references?

It is important to hear directly from customers regarding the experience they had. Don’t just go to the Gold IRA company’s website, look them up on Google, consumer affairs, the better business bureau, and the other major review sites and see what their past customers are saying about them. Hearing directly from their past Gold and Silver investors will give you a good understanding of what you can expect.

4 – Will you keep gold at home?

Many investors choose to keep a certain amount of Gold at home. In the event of a natural disaster, a market crash, or any event that separates your from your financial assets, having gold on hand means you can make sure you and your family are safe no matter what. It is important that you choose a company that will ship you the highest quality metals quickly and safely.

Noble Gold Investments is here for you

These are just a few of the many questions investors ask themselves when investing in precious metals. At Noble Gold Investments, our no-pressure Gold IRA experts are here to answer any and all your questions to help you make the most informed decision possible. For expert advice, please call 877-646-5347.

You can also learn a lot more about investing in precious metals by downloading our comprehensive Gold and Silver Investment Guide by clicking here. Our Gold & Silver Guide has been downloaded over 50,000 times and has been a reliable resource for many first time investors.

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