Republic Metals Corporation are one of the biggest manufacturers of precious metals in the world. They are famous in the market because of the high quality of precious metals they produce from their forges. They rely on their high-tech and eco friendly machines and equipment to efficiently manufacture their products without harming the environment. On an average, the company produces about 7000 tons of precious metals (silver and gold) annually. The 100 oz Republic Metals Silver Bar is another proof of the expertise of the company. With a weight of 100 troy ounces, this bar is undoubtedly one of the biggest silver bars forged from their refineries.

It is a common thing that bars as big as this are often cast, and this 100oz silver bar is no exception. This process of production always comes with an advantage and a disadvantage. The disadvantage being that the surface of the silver bar will be rough and coarse. On the upside, bullion silver metals that are cast often have low premiums on them, so they can be easily acquired when compared with their minted counterparts.

The obverse has a simple design that features the logo of the manufacturer sitting on the name of the manufacturer, Republic Metals Corporation. On this same side, the following inscriptions will be seen: “100 troy ounces”, “.999+”, “FINE SILVER” and “REFINERS ASSAYER”. The “.999+” signifies the purity level of the coin while the “REFIINERS ASSAYERS” is the assay mark. The reverse of the bar bears no inscription.

The heaviness of this bar makes it easy to store, unlike smaller silver bars. This heaviness, the low premium on the bar and the fact that the bar is IRA eligible are the three main factors driving its high demand in the precious metals market.

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