Rand Refinery is one of the largest producers of precious metals in the world. Based in South Africa, they make themselves the seat of the highest quality and most durable precious metals in the world. Their products are consistently among the most sought after precious metals in the market and this silver bar is no exception. Many things make this silver bar one of the favorites among those that invest in precious metals and collect these metals for investment purposes. The 1 troy ounce silver metal has a thickness of 2.6 mm and a dimension of 481 by 28.9 mm. Because of the high purity level of the silver bar, the market value of this bar is quite high.

The unique design on the coin is always the first to attract people to it. The design of the coin was used to recognize the Chinese Year of the Snake Celebration in 2013. That is why one side of the coin bears a sophisticated engraving of a big snake above the logo of the manufacturer of the bar, Rand Refineries. On the top left corner of this same side is an inscription of some Chinese characters above “2013”. The other side of the bar looks quite simple but is also unique. On the top is an engraving of the manufacturer’s logo, sitting above the name of the company itself. Other details like the composition of the bar, Ag (The chemical symbol in the periodic table for silver), purity level (999.0) and an inscription that reads “1oz FINE SILVER” can be seen engraved in a box on this other side. The designs on both sides of the bar make it one of the most sought after silver bars in the precious metals market.

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