1 Kilo Gold Bar


This is a masterpiece from one of the most reliable precious gold refineries in the world, Johnson Matthay, and all their product, including the 1 kilo gold bar, are highly coveted among gold bullion investors all around the world. The 32 troy ounce gold bar is all gold, giving the bar a massive purity level of .9999. Although the bar may not be as sophisticated as some other gold bars out there in looks and features, its simplicity makes it a very suitable choice for easy and safe selling. The simplicity is even evident in its design as it features the oval logo of the manufacturer, Johnson Matthay on the obverse while other useful information, such as the purity level, weight and serial number are neatly engraved all around the gold bar. Also, the size of the gold bar makes it perfect for collecting and keeping.

However, there are both good and bad news concerning the gold bar. The bad news is that there is now a finite number of these gold bars available in the market today which is due to the fact that the manufacturers have stopped producing the gold bars since 2016 when an Asian company bought their refineries. On the other hand, the good news is that this development makes the precious metal even more precious, thereby increasing its market value. Johnson Matthay started out as assayers (those that tested the purity level of precious metals) in 1817. In no time at all, they soon became the official assayers for the Bank of England before they finally delved completely into the business of manufacturing of precious metals. Although they are not in the precious metal making business anymore, their over 200 years of excellence ensure that their products are still very valuable in the precious metal market today.

It even gets better with the fact that the gold bars are IRA eligible as they can be collected as a form of retirement savings for IRA accounts.

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